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My IPIP NEO PI-R findings show that I have a high level of emotional stability. The national average for neuroticism is 2.9. These findings are also supported by the aspects. My levels of anxiety, hostility, despair, impulsiveness, vulnerability, and depression, for example, have a sample mean of 2.9. This low scale confirms that I am mostly composed and avoid panic in stressful times. In addition, I am not overly concerned with problems and am at ease with myself. Extraversion scores with a mean of 3.38 indicate that I am an anti-social person who may put the needs of others ahead of my own.However, I am less extravert than I am emotionally stable. For example, I am reserved, quiet, and prefer to be alone as indicated by the facets levels of friendliness, excitement seeking behaviors, and gregariousness.

Additionally, I am less open to the outside world as shown by the mean of 3.69 on an average of 44.5 total tests. I am a person who prefers to think on normal levels without exaggerating the situations. Thus, I am old-school thinker, practical, and down-to-earth. For example, I stick to believing in one religion which is Christianity. I also rarely get emotional when discussing issue with difficult people. Further, my conscientiousness results indicate that I need to have self-control on various facets. In particular, my self-discipline is low as I have the tendency of procrastinating work and activities. These results are almost similar to those shown on BFI 10.

The following is an interpretation of the HEXACO-PI-R results: On honesty, my personality results show that I am a manipulative person who is most likely to operate against set rules as I feel a strong sense of self-importance. The emotionality factor is low and is an indication that I do not fear being hurt physically and emotionally. Also, I work well under pressure avoid sharing my emotions with people. My extroversion scores are low. This is a suggestion that I like private life with no attention from people, which make me more of an introvert and less livelier than the people around me. Howver, I do not forgive easily and I have no tolerance for dealing with people, hence, I am impatient and inconsiderate about others’ situations. Both conscientiousness and openness to experience have lower values. My level of organization is generally poor and needs improvement. Similarly, I do not pay attention to perfection and often act without thinking which an impulsive character is. In general, my HEXACO personality is a mixture of both extreme facets.

Furthermore, my altruism and antagonism results as indicated on the Interstitial Scale portray me as an insensitive individual. A score of 4.12 is low. My personality is void of generosity towards people in need and I do not fear engaging in activities which may cause harm to other individuals. Howver, based on the standard deviation values of BFI 10 results, it appears that my sympathetic reactions depend on the status of my emotions, status of mind (Neuroticism), openness, agreeability and conscientiousness.

2. There is a lot of similarities of my facets of personality factors across the three inventories. In both IPIP NEO PI-R, HEXACO-PI-R, and Interstitial Scale, my personality exhibits emotional stability and independent person who does not depend on others for social acceptance. I find comfort in being alone and undertaking activities without the necessity of supervision. Likewise, these three inventories indicate that I lack the appeal to crowded or social places where people would give me attention. Another similarity is I am unable to organize my environment as I tend to be messy and unsystematic in the things I do. These similarities suggest that the three inventories have almost similar accurate results which have attempted to give comparable outcomes. They are thus reliable tools for testing personality traits.

3. However, the profiles do not agree on other matters. First, while IPIP NEO PI-R scores showed my extraversion traits make me put other people’s interest first, Interstitial Scale shows that I am unsympathetic. This means that there are two perspectives on how I relate to people’s issues which need attention or my help. Or still, it could be that I have an average personality which make me attend to some people at particular times and ignore the plights of others at other times. Secondly, the results on openness also vary. IPIP NEO PI-R indicate that I am uncompromising on routines and rules, and conservative. Howver, HEXACO-PI-R results show that I am an adventurous person who takes steps to explore varied and uncommon ideologies.

4. These differences may be as a result of the use of dissimilar facets used in each tool. While IPIP NEO PI-R uses the eternal attributes of a person such as abilities and decision making aptitudes, HEXACO-PI-R and Interstitial Scale depend on the inherent attributes of an individual in determining the behavior. For instance, the factor of conscientiousness in IPIP NEO PI-R tests self-efficacy, dutifulness, attentiveness, self-discipline, orderliness, and achievement-striving, the same factor in HEXACO-PI-R tests hard work, exertion, attention to details, organization of the physical space, and prudence. The first tool is interested in the status of mind and institutive reactions to situations such as danger, unpleasing environment or pressure to give results on tasks. The second tool centers on the hand on skills as decided by the individual. Although they seem to be testing the same things, there is an overlap on what are examined in terms of traits. One needs to ask the questions “what characteristic idea or ability is in question?’ If it is an idea then, it is testing the psychological status and vise versa. The outcomes may not also be similar due to the point of focus of the inventory.

5. There are factors and facets in which I scored below 40T. These were the extraversion facet and altruism scale. They show that I am an extremely dull and uncontrollably uncaring person. Although these results are unusual, I was not surprised. They aptly describe who I am. I tend to stay alone and work better when in seclusion. Also, I am rarely emotive and find it difficult to relate to people’s problems if they do not ask me for help. On the other hand, I had a score of more than 70T on the facets of neuroticism. Again, I was surprised that I can control my nervousness, anger, sadness, panic, and avoid intimidation. Being an introvert, dealing with such issues may be difficult as I am rarely exposed to social settings and people. Thus, these results have made me realize that I have certain strong characteristics which help me cope with the reserved personality.

6. The predicted profile matched my actual profiles at about 85 per cent. If a person who does not know that the results were mine and asked to suggest a person they think have these characteristics, there is a high chance that he or she can point out that it is my personality. In other words, the three inventories show who I am both psychologically and social-wise. First, I am an emotionally stable person who is unaffected by pressure of work or situations. It is also difficult to find me getting angry at people, especially when I am wronged. I tend to find solutions to the problems through talking with the person who has injured my feelings of infringed on my space. I also operate on the rule of thumb that if something or situation is beyond my capabilities or control, I relax to avoid becoming agitated.

Additionally, I feel uncomfortable in noisy places such as parties. The personality tools of IPIP NEO PI-R and HEXACO-PI-R indicated that my level of gregariousness is low. This is true. This is also the same thing with my agreeableness. I find pleasure in being straightforward in all transactions I make with people; be it social or commercial in nature. On the facets of openness in IPIP NEO PI-R and openness to experience in HEXACO-PI-R, there is a mixture of outcomes. While I am a person who would stick to rules in a given setting such as school is faithful to one religion as a way of religious fidelity, I love and take part in artistic activities. I am a painter, singer, dancer, and fashion designer. The level of openness to experience should thus be higher than what is expressed in the inventories. I feel that these particular results have restricted and given false account of who I really am in terms of my fantasies, development and actualizing of ideas, and intellectual capabilities.

7. I am confident that my profile has all the necessary information about me. It has covered both emotional and psychological status which are the core issues needed to understand and associate with an individual. These are areas such as my ability to work in a team, my creativity and strengths in working ethics, my self-control and discipline levels, ability to discuss issues with others and make amicable decisions, and emotional stability. Having accepted the results to contain almost every issue and capabilities I have, I am comfortable with the idea of an employer using the information to assess my potential as an employee. This admission is based on the fact that they depict who I am except for the physical features and academic qualifications.

In summary, the three inventories summarize my personality. The basic features are that I am an introvert, who works best in independent, has a negative trait of disorderliness, is emotionally stable, and has an average scale of sympathy towards people. It is also apparent that I have some extreme traits which score more than 70T and less than 40T. Nonetheless, I agree that the outcomes are almost the exact replica of whom I am as I find that I can relate them to what actually happens in my life.

April 26, 2023


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