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140 views 4 pages ~ 990 words
Boyhood, a film by Richard Linklater

Growing up can be difficult at times, and it is not always as easy as people believe. Richard Linklater attempts to port...

254 views 2 pages ~ 429 words
Movie Summary of "Good Company"

First Thread Dan Foreman is a major character in the 2004 movie In Good Company. He was the head of a sales department w...

145 views 16 pages ~ 4142 words
About The Silence of the Lambs

To feel like we're enjoying our lives, we need to be loved by someone and learn how to love them back. Both humans need ...

321 views 3 pages ~ 752 words
Bowling For Columbine Paper

Bowling for Columbine opens the viewers’ eyes to what is happening in the USA. This is a film reflection on the topic of violence in Ameri...

369 views 2 pages ~ 700 words
The UnSlut Documentary: A Short Film with a Powerful Message

Shaming and bullying have been present in human society since the dawn of civilization. It seems like people always tried to chastise those diff...

100 views 2 pages ~ 731 words
Hatchet Film by Adam Green

Slasher film is, perhaps, a rather unique, one-of-a-kind genre indeed. Oftentimes, such films manage to become significant popular culture marke...

99 views 2 pages ~ 744 words
Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy Film

Adapting any narrative piece to film is not the easiest feat to handle, regardless of the genre or source material. Due to the limitations that ...

653 views 3 pages ~ 829 words
Legally Blonde Movie Analysis

Legally Blonde is a cult film. A film about a girl who walked with a call of the heart and believed in her own strength. It is also a film about...

642 views 3 pages ~ 787 words

There are many great movies in the world. Many of them were filmed before the year 2000. Unequivocally, the South African film Tsotsi in 2005 tu...

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