Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

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In Finding Nemo, a clown fish named Marlin overprotects his son Nemo because he has a foreshortened fin. Marlin has to help Nemo escape his dentist's fish tank because he has been unable to remember where he put his fin. Dory, a blue reef fish, complicates Nemo's adventures in the ocean. Nemo's plan of escape involves a complicated scheme that involves Dory, a reef fish with a short memory.

Marlin has lost his family in the ocean, leaving him on his own to raise his son, who is the only surviving member of his family. Marlin vows never to let anything happen to Nemo, and he keeps this noble promise throughout his son's early years. However, as Nemo approaches school age, Marlin is faced with difficulties letting go of him. In Finding Nemo, a dentist's office fish tank becomes a temporary home for Nemo and Marlin.

A clown fish named Marlin, voiced by Albert Brooks, has a son named Nemo. The fin of his son is underdeveloped and his father has a fear of deep water. Marlin's son is captured by a deep sea diving dentist named Donovan, who then adopts the boy and renames him Nemo. The two share a deep bond and become best friends.

The movie has gained enormous popularity, and its sequel Finding Dory, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, has become one of the most popular movies in the history of the Pixar animation company. It's also the first Pixar film to receive an Academy Award. It's been a hit for audiences and is currently available on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. Those looking for a theater can also watch the film on the Disney+ streaming service.

The movie ends with the most memorable scene in the film. Dory tries to talk to Marlin while in the whale. Marlin tries to break out of the whale, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Instead, Dory tells the whale the same eight words, which he explains to her. Marlin sighs as he explains to Dory that he cannot let anything happen to Nemo. As the whale floats in the ocean, he accidentally launches a torpedo which explodes. It is the only way Nemo can be freed.

After rescuing Nemo, Marlin and the other clownfish have to face an attack by a marauding barracuda. Although Marlin survives the attack, the coral loses three hundred eggs. However, he saves one of them and names it Nemo. He also teaches Dory to be more carefree. After this, he is reunited with Marlin.

Besides the movie's stunning effects, Finding Nemo is an excellent example of computer animation. Many of the scenes were shot in the ocean, so Pixar needed to film close to the water. A dentist's office in North Sydney, Australia, was the perfect location for the final rescue. Lastly, since Nemo's home is an underwater reef, the movie had to take care not to ruin the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

While Finding Nemo is a beloved Pixar movie, many of its fans believe the story behind the film isn't accurate. In fact, there is one theory that supports the idea that Marlin's memory loss is a misunderstanding of the characters' memories. While a child will likely not believe this, the film itself explores the age-old conflict between parents and kids. Dads want to keep their children safe, while kids want to explore dangerous things and find out more about themselves. However, according to doctors, children begin testing the limits of their parents at the age of one or two. They are also capable of thinking for themselves and rebelling against their parents when they are young.

The film features several actors who are familiar with the characters from the book. The film stars Willem Dafoe as Squirt, Brad Garrett as the spotted eagle ray Mr. Ray, and Barry Humphries as Bruce, the vegetarian great white shark. The film also features a recurring character, Chum. Other important characters include Andrew Stant, Elizabeth Perkins, and Bill Hunter as Philip Sherman, the fishkeeper who keeps Nemo and the Tank Gang in a fish tank.

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The movie features an initiation sequence, which was inspired by a story conference with Bob Peterson. Ellen DeGeneres, a renowned comedian, was cast as the voice of Gerald. The character was initially portrayed as Nigel's friend Gerald, but it became apparent that the movie was a more humane film after his death. After all, Marlin is a disabled fish, and so is his story.

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