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179 views 4 pages ~ 867 words
About Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Movies are primarily intended to amuse and educate a person watching different lessons. Various documentaries are made t...

196 views 8 pages ~ 2016 words
Semiotics, Structuralism

This article is a critical film analysis of Roland Barthes's Romans in Films. The paper focuses on three symptoms in par...

137 views 6 pages ~ 1383 words
Spike Jonze's "Her"

Spike Jonze portrays an argument/idea that might revolutionize our approach to computers and their effect on human exist...

140 views 4 pages ~ 990 words
Boyhood, a film by Richard Linklater

Growing up can be difficult at times, and it is not always as easy as people believe. Richard Linklater attempts to port...

229 views 7 pages ~ 1737 words
Ignorance Is Bliss: The Matrix Movie

The Matrix is a science fiction film that was released in 1999. The film is based on Hilary Putnam's theories about trut...

216 views 3 pages ~ 825 words
Representation of Women in Star Wars: A New Hope, a Modern Epic

George Lucas' A New Hope begins with the Tyrannical Darth Vader boarding a Rebel submarine. From there, the story follow...

111 views 2 pages ~ 378 words
Spike Lee Movie Review

This film is considered a drama in the genre. It focuses its storyline on crime directed by Spike Lee and written by Dav...

133 views 2 pages ~ 304 words
The Movie Review "Summer with Monika"

The film "Summer with Monika" (1953) by Ingmar Bergman critically remains quintessential in the depiction of erotic love...

199 views 4 pages ~ 863 words
Gattaca Movie (1997) and Biocultural Analysis

Gattaca is a 1997 American science fiction film directed by Andrew Niccol. The film is set in a world where social statu...

134 views 3 pages ~ 626 words
The Inside Job Documentary

The Inside Job is one of the year's most powerful and fascinating documentaries. The film portrays a public betrayal and...

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