Back to the Future Movie Review

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Whoopi Goldberg: A Modern Figure in the American Revolution

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most iconic pop culture artists and actress whose contribution to the American modern culture is notable (Reisman, 2014). If taken back to the future, her outspoken nature in political activism would be quite useful in American Revolution Efforts. As a screenwriter, I would select her as a modern figure from pop culture and send her back to the American Revolution and use her oratory skills, influence, and political responses to inspire revolution efforts.

Whoopi Goldberg: A Multi-Talented Individual

Whoopi Goldberg is a comedienne, an actor, a singer, a songwriter, an author, a political activist, a producer, and a voice artist. Whoopi Goldberg has been one of the most notable and loved figures in the American popular culture since the summer of 2007. Her popularity has been boosted by her daily appearance in the ABCs morning talk show "the view" as a co-host. Her active role in the show has not faded her active movie career. She has featured in voicing the character of Stretchy in "Toy Story 3" and has also featured in in the live action of the movie "Medea goes to jail," and the 2010 "For Colored Girls." She has also authored a number of children's books such as "Whoopi's Big Book of Manners" and the "Sugar Plum Ballerinas" series. She has also authored a number of humorous essays and a book of humorous observations on contemporary manners, "Is It Just Me? Or is it nuts out there?"

Whoopi Goldberg: Advocacy for LGBT Rights and AIDS Activism

Whoopi Goldberg has played an active role in supporting the rights of LGBT and AIDS activist since 1987, participated in Cyndi Lauper's "Give a Damn" campaign aimed at bringing a wider awareness of discrimination of LGBT community. In the same measure, Whoopi Goldberg would participate in the American Revolution taken back to the time, in the same way in protecting the American Heritage from the colonial British rule as he is actively participating in the contemporary issues that are facing the modern community.

Women's Role in the American Revolution

Colonists in the British North America reaped numerous benefits that were favored by their imperial system and paid nothing for the benefits they enjoyed. In the revolution era, women were mostly responsible for managing households but were indirectly involved in Homespun movement (Cohen, 2004). They declined buying their clothes from the imports of the British materials. In 1778, a group of women marched down a warehouse where a merchant was holding coffee, opened the warehouse and confiscated it. Feminine political gestures were prominent way of indirectly fighting the colonial empire (Wood, 2002).

Whoopi Goldberg's Role in the American Revolution Film

The outspoken Whoopi Goldberg would find an active role in the movie "Back to the Future" as an organizer and a spokesperson of such protests and movements. She is not afraid of questioning the executive office on their role in liberating contemporary issues facing the modern American society such as AIDS pandemic and the LGBT rights (Shapiro, 2014). In the same capacity, she would be in the forefront in contributing to the news, in mass media, and political opinion columns.

Influencing the American Liberation War

Critical decisions were made by leaders of movements, the freedom activists, and American citizen. Whoopi Goldberg would play a big role in influencing women and fellow Americans to boycott the British colonial government imports and protect their heritage and economy as a liberated nation by making local products and depending on their home made garments and other utilities. Activists also used their influence and patriotism to influence young Americans to engage in the liberation war. Whoopi Goldberg would be well suited for a leading role in a "Back to the Future" American Revolution film.


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