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282 views 7 pages ~ 1804 words
“The Giant” and “The Happy Prince”

The fairy stories of Oscar Wilde are among the most well-known for children to enjoy. Fairytales by Oscar Wilde continue...

297 views 8 pages ~ 2136 words
The Wolf Bogey in Fairy Tales

For thousands of years, the character of the Wolf has been featured in numerous legends and fairy tales of Western liter...

149 views 5 pages ~ 1191 words
Fictional Cautionary Tales Reading by Children and Adults

Reading fictional children's tales has a long tradition that predates man's modern history. Children and adults alike ha...

262 views 6 pages ~ 1399 words
The Bigfoot

The presence of monsters, especially tales of large hairy monsters, is a global anthropological concern (Burgan, page 2)...

688 views 3 pages ~ 591 words
Fun Facts About Peter Pan

If you're a fan of J. M. Barrie, you'll probably be enchanted by his story of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Neverland. But if you're n...

236 views 3 pages ~ 649 words
Into the Woods Movie Review

Into The Woods is a modern take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Following the tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and t...

789 views 5 pages ~ 1196 words
Beauty and the Beast and the Concept of Beauty

The tale “Beauty and the Beast” exposes the development of a fairy tale involving a beautiful woman who fell in love with a beast. T...

540 views 2 pages ~ 519 words
The Main Themes in the Movie Shrek

The plot of Shrek is very similar to that of the popular Disney animated movie. It centers around the ogre Shrek, who is viewed by the human pop...

239 views 4 pages ~ 827 words
Biography of Jorge Luis Borges Works

Jorge Luis Borges is one of the legendary personalities of the modern literary world, he has received many awards: Commander of the Italian Repu...

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