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205 views 3 pages ~ 674 words
The Cosby Show: Redefining Family Comedy and Cultural Representation

A sitcom which refers to a commodity consumed by masses and developed periodically on a similar pattern but with an aspe...

155 views 3 pages ~ 825 words
Sexual Desire in Shakespeare's Tragedy, Tragicomedy, and Comedy.

The idea of sexuality has long been a source of debate for both artists and academics. One of the greatest authors, Will...

116 views 2 pages ~ 448 words
The Psychology of Humor

In Charlie Chaplin's film "The Dictator," he plays a fake character who is a barely veiled depiction of Adolf Hitler. Th...

158 views 3 pages ~ 749 words
Mack and Mabel

A comedy musical production called Mack and Mabel features a text by Stewart as well as music and lyrics by Herman. The ...

191 views 9 pages ~ 2420 words
HBO Television Show "Veep"

Veep, an American comedy that premiered on HBO on April 22, 2012, focused on political satire. Armando Iannucci, a Scott...

220 views 3 pages ~ 597 words
The Gods Must Be Crazy

The humour in "The Gods Must Be Crazy" has an air of innocence to it that makes the audience laugh for lengthy stretches...

214 views 4 pages ~ 888 words

Comedies are happy dramatizations that are meant to make people laugh. The condition, the language, the activity, and th...

121 views 3 pages ~ 555 words
Film and reading response (Carnage, Roman Polanski 2011)

Roman Polanski's film Carnage and All is a dark comedy set in New York that critiques civic behavior that is portrayed a...

243 views 8 pages ~ 2051 words
The Nutty Professor Movie

Many films present various concepts in numerous areas. While they both have distinct narratives, they both use an enumer...

92 views 3 pages ~ 647 words
Kevin Hart

When he senses that his audience has not understood the joke, Kevin Hart, unlike most comics, swiftly starts another jok...

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