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Essays on Audience

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145 views 4 pages ~ 1016 words
The Merchant Tale”

The Merchant Tale of the Apocalypse fits the type of storytelling typical to medieval French literature known as the Apocalypse Fabliau.
According to Christ...

233 views 6 pages ~ 1584 words
Oedipus Rex Play Analysis

One of the Greek plays that have been adapted into English is Oedipus Rex. The characters in the play are all those that the viewer is already acquainted wit...

153 views 1 page ~ 274 words
Glass Menagerie Play

The play is a memory play in which the acts are drawn from the narrator-memory. Tom's Most plays do not have narrators, but the use of Tom gives the plot a m...

166 views 4 pages ~ 851 words
Wendell Berry's They Knew But Little/A Letter from ...

Wendell Berry tells a story of how people in society are arrogant and selfish. Wendell describes the many consequences of such corruption and vanity. He hope...

228 views 5 pages ~ 1364 words
Queen elizabeth, in honor of that high and mighty

Poetry is one of the most important mediums for a poet to express his or her thoughts to an audience. The subject of the poem, on the other hand, is determin...

177 views 4 pages ~ 856 words
Assignment for sales representative

Nordstrom, Inc. will be the target audience chosen. Nordstrom is a company specializing in the selling of luxury items, including clothes, shoes, men's and w...

280 views 2 pages ~ 333 words
“Why I Dread Black History Month”

In “Why I Dread Black History Month,” Joseph introduces his listeners to the reasons why he has repeatedly chosen not to celebrate Black History Month, which...

177 views 4 pages ~ 932 words
Twelve Angry Men and Gioconda Smile

The drama Twelve Angry Men begins with an 18-year-old slum boy on trial for the murder of his abusive father. In the deliberation room, a jury of twelve pers...

166 views 3 pages ~ 619 words
How to use Facebook to build a fan base

In creating a fan base on Facebook, one must first define the target demographic or the audience that they wish to market. These are the individuals who will...

244 views 3 pages ~ 564 words
Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns by Moll...

Get a Knife, Get a Bull, But Get Rid of Guns by Molly Ivins is an amusing and relevant tale that centers on gun policy controversy. Via her article, Ivins te...

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