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77 views 4 pages ~ 965 words
Benefits derived from travelling

Central Concept: Traveling is a wonderful way to discover who you are, a source of inspiration, and ultimately, a source...

266 views 7 pages ~ 1707 words
Influence of Real Life on an Author’s Work

Many pieces of art are presented with the intention of instructing, warning, or raising awareness of a specific topic am...

282 views 7 pages ~ 1804 words
“The Giant” and “The Happy Prince”

The fairy stories of Oscar Wilde are among the most well-known for children to enjoy. Fairytales by Oscar Wilde continue...

149 views 2 pages ~ 278 words
Big Med by Atul Gawande and the draft

After reading the draft and the article Big Med by Atul Gawande, I believe that the introduction does not clearly identi...

221 views 3 pages ~ 577 words
The Sharpie's Design Principles

According to the principle of irrelevant conclusion, one might make a decision to placate the audience even though the c...

179 views 3 pages ~ 595 words
Saga Briggs

Briggs, in my perspective, is writing for a broad audience. She frequently uses the word "we" while referring to certain...

218 views 5 pages ~ 1103 words
Asian American Literature and Culture

Literary works are a typical approach for authors to convey important ideas about society and lifestyle in a specific lo...

131 views 3 pages ~ 674 words
Community Teaching Work Plan

The goal of the health promotion activity is to educate the audience on healthy eating habits in accordance with the Hea...

232 views 12 pages ~ 3129 words
Risk Assessment Methodology

The likelihood of a detrimental consequence from a course of action or activity is how the probability risk assessment m...

101 views 2 pages ~ 407 words
Coca-Cola TV Commercial

Coca-Cola TV advertisements take into account communication style, which is important in cross-cultural advertising. In ...

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