Examining Cinematography

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Kathy is giving the audience her own narrative, making her the narrator in the film ""Never Let Me Go"". She recalls her past life from the perspective of her 30-year-old self, recalling the events she did have. For example, in the first two words, she expresses herself in the first person (McDonald, 2015).

How do you employ camera angles in your film? Make a point of mentioning at least two distinct scenes.

The use of a bridging shot to indicate a change in location.Example is when the students were staring into the ordinary office window. Another angle used is the aerial shot that establishes a location. Example is the contribution of Ishuguro to the debate that later turns out to be sleight of hand.

Discuss how your film is framed.

The movie is framed in the English countryside where student such as Kathy, Ruth and Tommy were experiencing mercurial cliques and mysterious rules as their teachers were always reminding them of charges they have in regards to how special they were (Griffin, 2015)

Discuss one scene and depth of field.

The initial scene of this movie portrays to us present time since Kathy is seen warmly gazing upon Tommy as he rests on the operating table. However, as the movie ends, we find out that this moment together with other syuzhet pieces except the last scene are all past events.

Using at least one scene examine the ideas of contrast and color.

The changes in contrasts and color throughout the movies were ideally for showing shift of the situation during actions. For example, at the point when Ruth who is Kathy's friend is standing in the doorway. She gestures at Kathy who she assumes to be having love affair with her lover.

Discuss one scene and the concept of movement.

The concept of movement is applied in the dark scenes so that the sense of peace as well as calmness is created in the movie. For example, Kathy is shown listening to Tommy's song thus symbolizing her calmness and the love she has for Tommy.

Part II: Analyzing editing at least 250 words

Questions Answers

Analyze a cut within your film.

The cut within this movie is the situation when the film-makers try to hide the face of Ruth. This throws off the audience more due to the fact that they can't get a good gesture on Ruth's emotions. At this point, there is wallpaper found on her right side together with shambled looking robe that she is wearing which altogether adds to the scene's dark mood. Using this cut, authors can vividly tell that Ruth is not at that place to befriend Kathy; it is like Ruth is a dark spirit from the nightmare (Griffin, 2015)

Discuss two types of shots.

In this movie, the two types of shot that are majorly used are wide shot and very wide shot. In regards to wide shot, the movie's subject is visible but at the same time emphasis was still placed on the environment such as room where Kathy was listening to the song. Another shot is wide shot where the subject in the movie takes up full frame. For example when Ruth is captured as she comes in the room where Kathy was seating to confront her.

Examine the concept of temporality within your film.

In this movie, the concept of temporality brings about the issue of discussion development as far as temporal flow is concerned. This is in relation to the change to particular characters within the movie. A good example is the scene where Ruth is seen to be very angry towards Kathy's behaviours. It is like Ruth is a dark spirit from the nightmare (Griffin, 2015)

Part III: Examining Sound at least 250 words

Questions Answers

How are voice and dialogue used in your film?

In this movie, the voice and dialogue are categorically used to show identification of the various fictional locations and movie characters. A good example is the narrative exchange between Ruth and Kathy. Ruth tells Kathy how she will never be with Tommy. During the process she hurts Kathy at her core. This is reflected by imagery more. This makes the movie to be realistic since it makes the movie to be more interesting. Such interchange between Ruth and Kathy tells very well who Ruth is and whatever motives she has towards her friend Kathy view (McDonald, 2015).

Locate one scene with music. How does music work within that scene? Be specific.

One of the scene associated with the music is the point when Kathy is listening Tommy. Majorly this scene symbolizes sad moment in the film since there is somber music that is playing in the background with the low tone and scheme. The music works with this scene to express the how sad Kathy is towards losing Tommy who she loves deep from her heart. This has caused commotion between Kathy and Ruth.

Discuss the sound effects used within your film.

Throughout this movie "Never Let Me Go" various effects have been used. Some of the effects are; vehicle sound effects, static sound effects and Doorbell sound effects among others. They are applied through the film to denote various scenes such as when Tommy is driving towards home. They mainly give the film situational picture which altogether adds value to the film attractiveness. This draws attention of the audience so that they may in one way or the other is more attentive view (McDonald, 2015).


Griffin, G. (2015). Science and the cultural imaginary: the case of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. Textual Practice, 23(4), 645-663.

McDonald, K. (2015). Days of Past Futures: Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go as" Speculative Memoir". Biography, 30(1), 74-83

April 06, 2023

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