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163 views 5 pages ~ 1150 words
An upsurge in the use and sharing of information in the world

The use and sharing of information has increased around the globe, a development that has made communication and company...

164 views 9 pages ~ 2379 words
Technological advancement and Cyberbullying

Almost every aspect of human behavior has changed as a result of technology. Now, communication can happen more quickly ...

99 views 8 pages ~ 2078 words
English 101 Final Portfolio Rubric

The main issue of the essay, "Digital communication in modern society," is directly related to our writing and communica...

153 views 7 pages ~ 1798 words
Technology causing loneliness

Imagine a time when one could send money via mobile phone, make friends with people anywhere in the world, and contact s...

167 views 3 pages ~ 736 words
Working remotely in this modern world

Working remotely is a phrase that people in this contemporary world frequently use. Globalization and the availability o...

265 views 2 pages ~ 455 words
Working remotely - a type of work arrangement

Working remotely is a type of work arrangement in which an employee is allowed to perform his formal responsibilities ou...

166 views 11 pages ~ 2986 words
E-Commerce Technologies

A growing variety of technologies have been developed over the past few decades with the intention of integrating multip...

173 views 3 pages ~ 703 words
About Wireless communication

A node is a set of computers that are joined together by a network. The internet protocol is the most widely utilized ki...

149 views 2 pages ~ 301 words
American Internet Access

Americans use the internet for a variety of purposes, including connecting with clients, socializing, studying, and rece...

245 views 3 pages ~ 783 words
T-Mobile and AT&T Management information systems

AT&T is a telephone and telecommunications company based in the United States that offers consumers voice, data, video, ...

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