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210 views 2 pages ~ 385 words
modern-day healthcare practice

Computers play a significant role in contemporary healthcare practice and have significantly advanced medical assistant ...

125 views 7 pages ~ 1898 words
Banking Industry and the Impacts of Technology

The current paper seeks to investigate the significant impact that technology has had on the banking industry, which con...

160 views 3 pages ~ 599 words
Public Safety Management and the use of Using Technology

Many company owners and people who oversee large crowds and mass public safety have safety as their top priority. Manage...

120 views 4 pages ~ 887 words
Blockchain technology and decentralized governance

The way things are done changes constantly in the internet era. Similarly, accounting is evolving, and essential element...

153 views 7 pages ~ 1798 words
Technology causing loneliness

Imagine a time when one could send money via mobile phone, make friends with people anywhere in the world, and contact s...

298 views 9 pages ~ 2374 words
Impact of Technology on Society Paper

The fact that technology and human life cannot be separated is well recognized and accepted. Technology now plays a cruc...

296 views 4 pages ~ 1094 words
Positive and negative impacts of technology

Technology is the application of ideas, concepts, tools, and energy sources to make living easier, more enjoyable, and m...

220 views 9 pages ~ 2207 words
Information technology capability and value creation

This article investigates whether an organization's information technology capabilities can increase competitive advanta...

242 views 5 pages ~ 1288 words
Better brands

With the use of technology and the emerging trend of neuromarketing, better brands with enduring impressions are the foc...

210 views 11 pages ~ 2927 words
The concept of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the term used to describe the imitation of human intellectual functions using technology...

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