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91 views 3 pages ~ 567 words
The Invention of Light Bulb

People live in an electrified society today and we should be grateful to all the great minds who contributed towards try...

263 views 6 pages ~ 1531 words
The Invention of Television: A Revolutionary Leap into the World of Visual Entertainment

Television (T.V.) is an invention without a doubt that changed the world. The creation has remained to be one of the mos...

69 views 5 pages ~ 1182 words
Progress and Difficulties in Humanity's Search for Energy Sources - Cooking

Undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in human history, cooking distinguishes humans from other living things in a ...

117 views 14 pages ~ 3803 words
Patent law Essay

The situation makes it obvious that Ursula is having problems getting a patent registered for the method she developed t...

296 views 4 pages ~ 1094 words
Positive and negative impacts of technology

Technology is the application of ideas, concepts, tools, and energy sources to make living easier, more enjoyable, and m...

230 views 3 pages ~ 587 words
Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang and Dr. Bart Riley

Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang and Dr. Bart Riley are two scientists who are credited with developing next-generation batteries. A1...

152 views 4 pages ~ 882 words
Technical Field

The invention is under the category of civil engineering. The discovery will aid in improving engine performance and mak...

243 views 2 pages ~ 463 words
Management, modern shipping, and air travel

The Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon in the 1780s, which sparked the early development of the air trans...

233 views 9 pages ~ 2228 words
online world and acacemic performance

The online world has evolved considerably in the previous decade as a result of the invention of the Internet and the gr...

197 views 2 pages ~ 492 words
The issue of patenting

The topic of patenting has led to numerous misunderstandings in biotechnology and food science. Food product supply does...

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