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152 views 7 pages ~ 1792 words
Social Media and Bullying

There is no question that the internet and social media are amazing technologies that make it possible for people to com...

131 views 11 pages ~ 2891 words
The ideas and concepts of nanotechnology

The ideas and techniques of nanotechnology started in 1959, when physicist Richard Feynman gave a talk entitled "There i...

244 views 11 pages ~ 2853 words
Sociology: Politics and social media

The term "mass media" refers to a wide variety of media innovations that attract a broad audience through mass communica...

114 views 3 pages ~ 657 words
What did Leonardo da Vinci include in his resume?

One of the aspects Leonardo da Vinci used in his portfolio to persuade the Duke of Milan and get employed was his talent...

108 views 4 pages ~ 1076 words
American's meal invention

Abigail Carroll’s Three squares: The invention of the American meal traces the culture of yank feeding behaviors, practi...

259 views 4 pages ~ 915 words
Version of Pocahontas

The best writing does not expose the facts of life, but rather criticizes a multitude of concepts and ideas in order to ...

156 views 6 pages ~ 1633 words
Animation in Movies

Since the invention of cinema in the 1880s, technological advances, especially animation, have changed the film industry...

342 views 2 pages ~ 727 words
Wright Brothers and the Significance of Their Invention

The majority of human civilization constantly observes the history being made, almost every day. At the same time, some people manage to create ...

213 views 2 pages ~ 689 words
Eli Whitney Biography and Invention

Eli Whitney is the inventor of the cotton gin and changed the course of history in the southern United States, which helped many southern planta...

234 views 6 pages ~ 1621 words
Robots are the single most important invention

Robots are the single most significant technology ever made by humans, and it is no secret that Robots possess the futur...

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