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I'm writing to apply for the role of fashion dress buyer that was advertised in the Sunday magazine. Given my experience...

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Metadesign as a societal growth tool at the global and local levels

The use of metadesign as a tool for global and local societal developments, as well as the use of micro-utopias as a mea...

80 views 6 pages ~ 1621 words

Adopting features from other cultures is a normal, human result of contact between communities. It represents a dynamic ...

799 views 4 pages ~ 1426 words
The Style of Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio plays a significant role as the lead actor in ‘Catch me if You Can’ and ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ ...

345 views 3 pages ~ 834 words
Analysis and History of Zoot Suit

In the slang of the late thirties, the word "zoot" denoted everything unusual, bright and conspicuous, so it is only natural that the ...

456 views 3 pages ~ 700 words
The Devil Wears Prada Movie Review

The Devil Wears Prada is a 2006 comedy/drama and chick flick that defends fashion culture. It stars Meryl Streep as a magazine mogul and explore...

456 views 2 pages ~ 730 words
A Pair of Silk Stockings Analysis

The pursuit of luxury, giving your time and support to everyone so that there is nothing for yourself, without wondering if the person will appr...

162 views 3 pages ~ 580 words
Emirati National Clothes: An Informative Speech

Traditional clothing is one of the key factors that can be used to identify a certain group, ensuring that such values a...

152 views 9 pages ~ 2320 words
Marxism in Jon Armstrong’s Yarn

Tane Cedar, a master tailor, is central to Jon Armstrong's Yarn. The plot takes place in the world of fashion. Tane Ceda...

176 views 6 pages ~ 1447 words
Filter bubbles

Filter bubbles are a form of environment that is customized and targeted to an individual's needs. It depicts a situatio...

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