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I'm writing to apply for the role of fashion dress buyer that was advertised in the Sunday magazine. Given my experience...

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Tech Suits in Competition Swimming

Tech swimsuits were launched in 2000 to replace lycra-based women's one-pieces and men's briefs. They are made of polyur...

174 views 3 pages ~ 887 words
Zara Brand History and Analysis

The Zara clothing brand is probably known to all people who are looking for clothes in accordance with the price-quality ratio because the quali...

345 views 3 pages ~ 834 words
Analysis and History of Zoot Suit

In the slang of the late thirties, the word "zoot" denoted everything unusual, bright and conspicuous, so it is only natural that the ...

189 views 2 pages ~ 427 words
What do women want?

The speaker can be described as a woman who wants to be heard. She preferred to present her wish in a figurative manner....

197 views 3 pages ~ 616 words
Style Cliché is a new boutique

Style Cliché is a modern boutique that seeks to magnify the Dutch notion of "the Clique" or "league of friends" by glori...

202 views 5 pages ~ 1172 words
Society’s Responsibility to Animal Rights

Man's reliance on animals in daily life is undeniable. Animals provide fodder for humans, provide fabrics such as wool a...

106 views 6 pages ~ 1530 words
Are school bus seat belts a hazard or a safety?

When you're in a car, preparing for a fantastic ride, there's one thing you still do. By default, buckle up. As almost e...

194 views 3 pages ~ 630 words
The Hunt Ball

Hugh Gifford's novel Hunt Ball Mystery begins with a crisis when he realizes that the guard in charge of unloading his b...

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I am Green

I am Green is a clothing company that produces straight fit, daily fit, and skinny fit jeans for men and women using org...

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