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67 views 4 pages ~ 965 words
An hour analysis story

Most writers use writings such as novels, short stories, and poetry to relay their personal experiences or to communicat...

267 views 2 pages ~ 377 words

The novel bought to point where the reader was curious about Gatsby who reached fever pitch and was once tired of holdin...

282 views 3 pages ~ 552 words
The novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

Erich Maria Remarque's book "All Quiet on the Western Front" centers on the perspectives of a group of German soldiers o...

112 views 8 pages ~ 2074 words
To Kill a Mockingbird racism

To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel written by Harper Lee that revolves around his unusual circumstances in the 1930s South...

117 views 8 pages ~ 2001 words
What are the impacts of mass media on public opinion?

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is a futuristic book that was first published in 1953. The novel depicts the future of Ame...

71 views 3 pages ~ 601 words

Kindred is a novel stuffed with Whippings, hangings, dog attacks, rape and other bloodshed brutalities. The violent epis...

244 views 6 pages ~ 1459 words
Personal Identity

The term "identity" refers to a person's personality and affinity. The two novels "The Kite Runner" and "Mister Pip" dem...

78 views 6 pages ~ 1640 words
Tim Obrien war stories irony

The Vietnam War, as we have come to know it, was a war that sparked heated arguments, protests, and marches throughout t...

251 views 7 pages ~ 1721 words
About persepolis

Many writers have made heavy use of figurative vocabulary and imagery in their works. Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi ...

131 views 6 pages ~ 1383 words
About Women’s Rights as a theme in the novel, I Am Malala

The novel I Am Malala tells the story of a young woman named Yousafzai Malala. The book follows Malala as she grows up a...

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