Narrative Analysis of The Alchemist

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4. The quote is meant to emphasize the duality for all the things. The flowing water could not be explained as either good or bad. The water however had the ability of affecting the world in a manner that could be perceived as either positive or negative. The story of the miner and an emerald connects with the situation of Santiago when one puts their whole life into their personal legend, one should not just give up.

5. The story of the old man mainly depicts that one should have fun even in the small ways and not forget the purpose of living at the same time. In the modern society, people are mostly busy in their hustles as they search for success and happiness and therefore end up being unhappy.

6. Santiago learnt Arabic though he gained other lessons such as, if one wants to be successful, they would need to change and thirst for progress in their lives. The crystal merchant’s reason for attaining what he wanted is the imagination of his goals as well as fulfilling his ideas to live. The crystal merchant felt that he had gained a new perspective through Santiago and needed to fulfill his dreams, thus forcing him to view the world as a place of opportunities.

7. The Englishman is in search of the alchemist so as to have knowledge on how to turn the common metals into gold. When one wants something with passion, that is when they are closest to the Soul of the World. The outcome will be a beneficial output.

8. The Englishman reads the steerer which has the sign of the desert and the soul of the caravan which is speaking to the soul of the desert.

9. The Englishman shared on mercury, dragons, salt and the king. The things he spoke about are a revelation of a single thing.

10. Bedouin mainly refers to a group of nomadic Arabians, Syrian or northern aliens. In the perspective of the novel, the war about the direction of the assailants during the war, as they are part of the itinerant tribes of the Arabians.

11. An oasis refers to a fruitful place in the desert where there is water. An oasis in the perspective of the narrative introduces Fatima to Santiago.

12. The oasis that is described is surrounded by some palm trees, 50 000 date trees, 300 wells and some innumerable tents which are colored and spread across the area.

13. The setting of the desert in the book gives a great deal of information to Santiago, thus making a big difference in the journey of attaining his personal legend. A desert is perceived as a barren place with no vegetation or animal life.

14. The union between Santiago and Fatima represents the language of the world as they looked at each other and smiled. They therefore understood the thoughts that the other person had as a way of forgetting the past and the future.

15. The 2 dead hawks symbolize death and a battle which are soon to show up. The omen tells Santiago what he expects in future which leads him to reserve a special status for the people who are older and more learned than him.

16. The alchemist aids Santiago appreciate the motive for not leaving the oasis since he fears that he may never return. He is worried on leaving his love, Fatima. “Fatima is a woman of the desert...She knows that men have to go away in order to return”.

17. the story of the two sons of Tiberius, who were one a soldier and the other a poet sends a warning and an advice to Santiago not to follow appearances which were obvious.

18. The reason for involvement of Santiago in the tribal battles is for him to prove that he has mastered what he has learnt. Before that, he was looking for omens and listening to the language of his heart. The proverb is applicable to the situation when things become tough and helps him to realize his dreams.

19. When Santiago came across the thieves, he told them what he knew but they did not believe him, thus saved his lived. The quote is skeptical when they become older when everything is clear and all things possible.

20. The major conflict in the book is the personal tensions of Santiago in completing his own personal legend and traveling to Egypt to find a treasure at the pyramids. Santiago makes some sacrifices so as to reach his personal legend at the pyramids. The conflict in the narrative involves the individual conflict where Santiago learns new lessons in his life and is in contention to reach his limits. The conflict is solved where he overcomes his fears and proves he has mastered what he has learned.

21. The major idea in alchemist is the falling action. After Santiago arrives at the pyramids, he needs to go back to his country as he realizes that his treasure that was under an abandoned church. I chose falling action since it highlights the climax of the narrative and illustrates the danger of fear.

22. Melchizedek was the King of Salem and acts as the first mentor of Santiago. He is also a spiritual guide and a teacher. He introduces Santiago to what he refers to as a personal legend and aids him to decide and adhere to it. The crystal merchant was a critical friend to Santiago and also has the role of a cautionary case for someone who is complacent. Fatima is the only female in the narrative and is a partner to Santiago. She is defined by her attractiveness and her will to wait for Santiago as he goes on to pursue his Personal Legend.

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