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267 views 4 pages ~ 877 words
Tragic Hero in Oedipus King by Sophocles

The tragedy "Oedipus King"by Sophocles poses one of the most important questions of the author’s time: the will of the g...

248 views 6 pages ~ 1465 words
A Turning Point

At some point in their lives, everyone goes through a tragic event that leaves them feeling helpless and causes us to ex...

155 views 3 pages ~ 825 words
Sexual Desire in Shakespeare's Tragedy, Tragicomedy, and Comedy.

The idea of sexuality has long been a source of debate for both artists and academics. One of the greatest authors, Will...

162 views 3 pages ~ 666 words
Wolff's tale "Bullet in the Brain"

The protagonist of Wolff's tale "Bullet in the Brain" is Anders. He is a nice character at first, but he is also judgmen...

92 views 2 pages ~ 287 words
The paper discusses and expound on the real meaning of the Piano as illustrated in August Wilsons work “The Piano Lesson.”

The narrative is about a family who is trying to find serenity in order to forget their tragic past. Willie travels from...

290 views 4 pages ~ 891 words
About psychological disorders

Shaely, 24, presents with melancholy and a tragic family history. She is trembling when she talks about her life with he...

99 views 3 pages ~ 808 words
The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster

The Duchess of Malfi is a Jacobean revenge tragedy written by English dramatist John Webster in 1612–1613. Originally pe...

283 views 3 pages ~ 768 words
The Case of Lewis Blackman

The case of Lewis Blackman is a tragic tale of two ill doctors. Despite their best efforts, the two doctors failed to deliver a successful treat...

465 views 2 pages ~ 548 words
The Coriolanus Play by William Shakespeare

The Coriolanus Play by William Shakespeare is a popular classic. In this drama, a Roman general who is expelled from Rome and plans to attack th...

864 views 6 pages ~ 1548 words
King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, Measure for Measure, Othello, and The Tempest

William Shakespeare’s plays are among the best in literature focusing on several themes during the era of Elizabethan England. Shakespeare...

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