Sons and Lovers summary Chapter 12

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Paul, being the only living son after the demise of William spends a great deal of his time with her mother Mrs. Morel. Following the deteriorated relationship with Miriam, though, Paul feels free and open for a new relationship. By his consent, he understands what he is up to although he is not willing to share or reveal it to anyone. Having interacted with Clara, the new girl he intends to strike a relationship with, Paul eventually reveals his intentions. Clara is surprised that Paul has developed intimate feelings towards her despite the knowledge of her marital status. For the first time, Paul finds time to go out with Clara on the same evening he returned with his mother from the Isle of Wight holiday. Despite the conscience that his mother had been well during the stay, Paul could not stay any longer without seeing Clara and he resolves to make an impromptu visit to her home.

Finding his direction to Clara’s home is not a major challenge considering that he had been there twice before. A lingering question was what he would do in case he did not find Clara at home since she had not informed her about the visit. Just before sunset, Paul arrives at Clara’s home and bumps on her mother, Mrs. Radford, whom they had not met during the previous visits. Although surprised by the visit, Mrs. Radford welcomes Paul on behalf of her daughter who had gone to the shopping center earlier that evening. Within an hour, Clara arrives carrying some shopping on her hands. She is surprised that Paul has made an impromptu visit. After a brief introduction, Mrs. Radford excuses herself and heads to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. She jokingly suggests that Paul should not be in a rush to leave since she would be preparing enough supper for all.

Fascinated to see her friend in her mother’s home, Clara draws closer and holds his hand firmly as she utters the words, “I feel it is like a decade since we last met.” The two soon take a walk to the garden without informing their mother who is busy in the kitchen. For the first time, they hold and swing hands as they walk further from the home compound despite the engulfing darkness. As they talk in low tones, Paul revels that she has developed genuine intimate feelings towards Clara regardless of her marital status. As though protesting the idea, Clara reveals that she is already aware of Paul’s relationship with Miriam. Disturbed Paul the affair is long broken and he is no longer interested.

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For some time, Clara and Paul remain silent as the hold and press each other’s palm grip. It is already dark and it is already impossible to seem beyond a few meters. Paul pulls Clara closer as if he wants to feel her breath. They hug, hold firm, and caress as Paul whispers the words, “I treasure and need your Clara.” Before Clara could respond anything, just as she breathed heavily, her mother calls loudly from the homestead. Suddenly, they let go and start walking towards the house quietly. Mrs. Mrs. Radford expresses that she had been worried that she could not find them around the house. Paul explains that they had taken a walk around the garden since he was not sure when he would be around next. After dinner, Paul and Clara arrange to have a walk on the following Sunday evening.

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