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191 views 4 pages ~ 860 words
Education Saves Students

When I was younger, one of my most definitive responses about my potential aspirations was, "I want to be a doctor." I a...

295 views 3 pages ~ 577 words
Book review of james doty into the magic shop

James R. Doty, a neurosurgeon and prolific contributor to the field of medicine, offers insight into the possibilities o...

283 views 2 pages ~ 725 words
The Case of Lewis Blackman

The case of Lewis Blackman is a tragic tale of two ill doctors. Despite their best efforts, the two doctors failed to deliver a successful treat...

137 views 3 pages ~ 633 words
As a child, I had always anticipated being a cadet in one way or the other.

As a boy, I had always imagined myself as a cadet in some capacity. I used to spend a lot of time reading medical books ...

286 views 5 pages ~ 1230 words
Work dedication

Since I was eight years old, I've wanted to be a doctor. Since I was a child, I've gone to Dr. Tafid, a pediatrician, fo...

259 views 3 pages ~ 661 words

Anyone may make a mistake about that. Atul in When Doctors Make Mistakes shows that even with years of experience and a ...

236 views 7 pages ~ 1822 words
US and spanish speaking people

The bond between physicians and patients is one of the most important partnerships in the US. As America is a country wh...

189 views 6 pages ~ 1462 words
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot tried to reach the Lacks family and agreed to call Dr. Roland Patillo, who was then at Morehouse School o...

176 views 1 pages ~ 266 words
Appeal to Authority Fallacy

Sally Field is an expert on narcotic Bolivia. She uses her doctor's authority to back up her point about the medication,...

101 views 9 pages ~ 2296 words
hospital quality improvement

In-hospital procedures, inefficiencies cost both time and commitment. Furthermore, they can cause medical errors, frustr...

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