Comparison of Physician Assistant and Medical Doctor

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Most patients have the question of whether to use a Physician Assistant (PA) or a Medical Doctor (MD).

The answer to this lies in the expertise of the two titles. In my opinion, a PA can provide the same level of service as an MD. This is because studies indicate that the level of satisfaction as the outcome a patient gets from a doctor is similar to that he or she will obtain from a PA. PA collaboratively practice and are inherently accustomed to listening to the patients while embracing teamwork in the provision of quality medical care. A patient can visit a PA of any of his or her medical issue. This is because the PA's has a general knowledge of medicine (Timmermans et al., 43). This is the same model that is applied in training doctors. PA's possessing the general knowledge in medicine gives them an extensive knowledge of medicine. This gives them the ability to face patients care holistically.

A PA is a medical professional certified nationally and also have a state license.

He or she has gone through extensive and practical training giving him/her the ability to diagnose, treat and prevent a medical related issue being in a team of physicians. In the US, PA is capable of practicing and giving medical prescription in all the states, the District of Columbia, all other US territories apart from Puerto Rico (Dill et al., 1135).

Most patients are always fooled by the assistant beat of the title.

PA’s have gone through rigorous medical training and are capable of providing a lot of services being offered by a doctor. PA go through the similar basic and behavioral science course that is required by the medical school prior to applying for an accredited PA program (Dill et al, 1140). Apart from completing the accredited program, PA are required to complete a series of clinical rotation in family medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, general surgery, emergency medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology.

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December 12, 2023

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