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253 views 5 pages ~ 1290 words
A Case Study of Premature Delivery of the 23 Weeks Old Baby

The case study regards a situation where alleged dispensing of the wrong drug resulted in the premature delivery of a fe...

143 views 7 pages ~ 1856 words
Nightingale Hospital Periodic Performance Review Case Study

Periodic Performance Review (PPR) tool is used by Nightingale Community Hospital to examine its internal processes so th...

118 views 16 pages ~ 4365 words
The Role of Patient-Centered Care in Long-Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) is amongst the most complex facilities in healthcare that aims to provide patient-centered care t...

249 views 4 pages ~ 999 words
Benefits and Limitations of Selected Safety Enhancing Technology

Technology plays a vital role in nursing practice within the current dynamic health systems. However, the technology is ...

278 views 15 pages ~ 3881 words
Analysis of Nurses' Role in Health Care for Developing a Personal and Centred Care Plan with the Aid of A. P. I. E. Framework

The essay`s primary objective is to analyse nurses` role in health care for developing a personal and centred care plan ...

214 views 5 pages ~ 1161 words
The Theory of Culture Care Diversity

Mrs. Franklin-Jones is being admitted to the cardiac step-down unit after spending a week in the emergency room. She tal...

245 views 3 pages ~ 607 words
Recovery after Coronary Angioplasty

What could be the nurses and patients views concerning the management of coronary angioplasty? Dunckley, Ellard, Quinn, ...

230 views 6 pages ~ 1571 words
The Case of The Age 40 Male Experience

The concept of patient experiences and partnering in care is increasingly gaining momentum as most healthcare organizati...

223 views 7 pages ~ 1836 words
The Importance of Questioning Skills in Therapeutic Communication

Therapeutic communication implies the face-to-face interaction between a nurse practitioner and a patient with the ultim...

168 views 3 pages ~ 576 words
The Importance of Effective Communication in Patient-Centred Care

One essential element of patient-centred care is effective communication that enhances the relationship between the care...

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