The Role of Communication in Patient-Centered Care

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Effective Communication in Patient-Centered Care

Effective communication is one of the fundamentals of patient-centered care that fosters trust and understanding between the client and the care giver (Noh & Lee, 2018). Communication also provides to the clients clear, accurate and efficient nursing services that in the long run guarantee client satisfaction and positive feedback for the nursing fraternity (O'hagan et al., 2014; Turkelson, Aebersold, Redman, & Tschannen, 2017). Good communication between the client and the care provider has been established as integral to the successful outcome of personalized care for each patient that attends a healthcare facility. To achieve the envisioned better outcomes nurses are expected to show a great sense of understanding when handling their clients by having the ability to demonstrate to the patients; courtesy, kindness and sincerity (Yeh, 2017).

The Importance of Clear and Confidential Communication

According to Al-Hamdan, Banerjee & Manojlovich (2018), a positive outcome is also guaranteed when nurses devote their time to the patient while ensuring that every communication between them is guarded by confidentiality. The language of communication, therefore, must be understood by all those that participate in it (Gausvik et al., 2015). It is also critical to realize that good communication depends a lot on individual abilities of the nurse though to some extent, education and experience play a critical role in shaping how nurses deliver their messages to patients (Bramhall, 2014).

Challenges in Nurse-Patient Communication

Despite the role of the nurse to foster successful communication for positive patient outcomes, there are instances when they fail to deliver on their mandate to make the patient comfortable and ready for treatment (Rani, 2017). Sometimes, nurses fail to understand that the patients under their charge come to the hospital in great stress and in need of emotional support. Hence nurse rudeness, lack of attention to patient needs, inability to uphold patient confidentiality will ultimately lead to negative outcomes.


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