Stakeholders and how they Will be Affected by the Passage of the Bill

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The American healthcare system is interlocked network of the physicians, hospitals, employers, insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical organizations and the government. Primarily, the interrelationship between these stakeholders is complex. Moreover, the insurance organizations and pharmaceutical firms are publicly listed firms meaning that their responsibility is to maximize shareholder wealth (Bauer, Briss, Goodman, & Bowman, 2014). This brings the conflict that are the organizations working to provide quality medicines or to make the profit.

Similarly, the primary goal of the employer is to make money although their provision of health insurance to the staff members is not a source of advantage but a benefit. Physicians, on the other hand, have direct responsibility and fiduciary duty towards the patient. Although the doctors receive remuneration their relationship with the patient is one that transcends beyond the monetary reward (Taylor, McNicholas, Nicolay, Darzi, Bell, & Reed, 2014). Primarily, patients have rights, responsibilities, and duties. The government has obligations and obligations to the citizens although how they are defined is an evolving process.


            The patient’s views healthcare from personal lens: how can I access? Can I afford it? Can I trust the Quality? Will the treatment I need to be covered? The public has been struggling through some of the worst economic downturns in eight decades and consequently grappling with high indurate premiums and also out of cost medical cost made the government have a second thought on the healthcare reforms (Bauer, Briss, Goodman, & Bowman, 2014). Primarily, some of the rule’s provisions are taking effect quickly. This mainly include the elevation of the insurance restrictions on persons who have pre-existing conditions and at the same time allowing underage youths to be covered on their parents or guardians plans until they are 26. Primarily, the most noticeable impact is on the consumers on south and southwest as the areas have a high number of uninsured people.


            Over the past few years, employers have kept that wages and salaries of healthcare professionals stagnant while at the same time passing sizable premiums to increase workers. With the new health policy and law, recovery is underway, and employers are retooling benefits and health packages that are necessary assets for employee recruitment, loyalty, and retention. Moreover, leading insurers have indicated that with the changes in law and tax credit small organizations have enticed organizations with fewer than 25 employees in order to offer the workers with insurance benefits (Taylor, McNicholas, Nicolay, Darzi, Bell, & Reed, 2014). Primarily, employers are turning their eyes to consultants to help them understand the law and also comply with the newly introduced requirements and also communicate the needed changes to employees.


            Stakeholder audience and education reassurance remain the forefront priorities for the community based nonprofit healthcare organizations that are struggling to cope with the operational consequences of the new health policy and law in a tough economy. Primarily, the implementation of the law has caused an automatic reduction of the government grants and reimbursements to hospitals (Bauer, Briss, Goodman, & Bowman, 2014). Moreover, hospitals are reporting reduced revenues due to declining patient volume, high cost due to increased use of emergency care, and patient depts pilling up. Similarly, the mass layoff over the past few years of employees over the past few years as organizations are looking for a way to cut cost and increase efficiency.

President's Proposal and the Factors that Prevented it From Moving Forward to Become Law

President Obama remains one of America's president to have had the most health care reforms. Obama and the Democratic had the control of the Congress and spent the whole of 2009 ironing laws to require most organizations to cover their employees. The law mandated everyone organization on have coverage or risk being fined (Sommers, Gawande, & Baicker, 2017). Consequently, insurance companies were mandated to accept all individuals regardless of pre-existing conditions and they were also supposed to help people who could not afford insurance. In 2010 without the help of the Republicans, the Congress passed the designed health coverage to more than 30 million uninsured individuals.

            The factors the prevented the policy included, firstly, legal challenges. The plan received a lot of complaints with 26 states joining the lawsuit that went up to the supreme court. Secondly, the refusal to take the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. Similarly, there was obstruction of the enrollment efforts (Taylor, McNicholas, Nicolay, Darzi, Bell, & Reed, 2014). Furthermore, there were efforts to invalidate the premium subsidies (Sommers, Gawande, & Baicker, 2017). Other factors included undermining of the ACA’s risk corridors, a legal challenge to the cost-sharing reductions, Trump's executive order, GOP refusal to work on the bipartisan fixes, and AHCA’s effect on the market stability.


Bauer, U. E., Briss, P. A., Goodman, R. A., & Bowman, B. A. (2014). Prevention of chronic disease in the 21st century: elimination of the leading preventable causes of premature death and disability in the USA. The Lancet, 384(9937), 45-52.

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December 12, 2023

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