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216 views 9 pages ~ 2274 words
The Overhaul of Healthcare Crisis

The following address was delivered by former US President Barack Obama on Friday, January 16, 2017 at a stakeholder bri...

265 views 4 pages ~ 932 words
Poverty and Aging Women with Disabilities in Canada

For many people, having a disability and growing older can be a social and health care burden. While some older people a...

158 views 2 pages ~ 358 words
Obesity in America

Over two-thirds of adult Americans are currently overweight, and one-third of them are obese, making obesity a major pro...

112 views 3 pages ~ 653 words
a talking point memo on sexual assault

Following a surge in sexual assault incidents in healthcare facilities, all staff are invited to the ethics and complain...

765 views 3 pages ~ 796 words
The Dangers of the Oregon Trail

The early 1840s were a time when the Oregon Trail became a popular emigration route, with the publication of Thomas Farnham's Travels in the...

766 views 4 pages ~ 966 words
Smallpox Identification

Smallpox is a highly contagious and fatal infectious disease, which has no specific treatment other than preventive vaccination.

345 views 3 pages ~ 801 words
Discovery and Research of the Yellow Fever

Viral diseases are infamous for causing massive outbreaks and environmental catastrophes throughout human history quite unexpectedly.

146 views 6 pages ~ 1394 words
Fat tax implications

The rising prevalence of overweight and obesity has compelled policymakers to consider health-related taxes in order to ...

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