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156 views 4 pages ~ 1076 words
Viruses as Living Organisms

Viruses are the tiny parasites which in ordinary are a lot smaller than bacteria and lack that capacity of reproducing b...

291 views 2 pages ~ 363 words
It all began five years ago

It all started five years ago, when iZombie, a small independent business, claimed to have created an actual zombie viru...

256 views 8 pages ~ 1991 words
Zika Virus History and Potential Vaccines

For the most phase of the twentieth century, Zika virus was widely unknown and as different severe mosquito-borne viruse...

252 views 2 pages ~ 467 words
Zika Virus Infection Study

The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted research in 2006. The Zika virus was shown to be the primary cause of Guil...

345 views 2 pages ~ 717 words
Discovery and Research of the Yellow Fever

Viral diseases are infamous for causing massive outbreaks and environmental catastrophes throughout human history quite unexpectedly.

766 views 3 pages ~ 847 words
Smallpox Identification

Smallpox is a highly contagious and fatal infectious disease, which has no specific treatment other than preventive vaccination.

789 views 9 pages ~ 2380 words
HPV Vaccine for Women to Reduce the Incidence of Cervical Cancer

The human papilloma virus is a major cause of human malignancies especially cervical cancer in women. Within the American population, HPV types ...

332 views 2 pages ~ 697 words
The Inside Scoop on Measles

Measles is a highly contagious disease, and it can be spread from person to person. Learn the Symptoms and Transmission of Measles. You can also...

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