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Identification Research of Serratia Marcescens

This test uses the process of hydrolysis of casein as an indispensable aid in the identification of Serratia marcescens....

185 views 3 pages ~ 661 words
bacteria species selection

Selective media are media that are used to promote the growth of specific bacteria species while inhibiting the growth o...

254 views 4 pages ~ 951 words
Staining Techniques and Aseptic Technique/Streak Plates

In most microbial experiments, the inoculation and culturing measures are important because they assess the consistency ...

97 views 7 pages ~ 1747 words
the gene expression

The bacterial transformation has been widely used in the development of different medicines and useful compounds. It lay...

243 views 5 pages ~ 1330 words
New Bacterial Weaponry- the toxic balloons

The scientific community was originally dismissive of the first discoveries (over a half-century ago) that several diffe...

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The Effects of UV B and C Radiation and Led Light on Selected Pathogenic Oral Bacteria With and Without Antibiotic Resistance

This research looks at how to solve the issue of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. This is accomplished by the presen...

236 views 2 pages ~ 536 words

Scientists have created different types of microscopes as instruments for examining and verifying microscopic organisms ...

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bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance occurs as bacteria outwit the antibiotics. The emergence of super-resistant bacteria and pests suc...

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