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216 views 4 pages ~ 893 words
Prevention and Treatment of Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a term used to describe a group of disorders that affect the heart, primarily the heart muscles. The h...

203 views 2 pages ~ 404 words
Fibromyalgia - a chronic condition

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by musculoskeletal pain, exhaustion, and sleep loss. According to (Hughe...

265 views 6 pages ~ 1440 words
Frequency and Causes of hypotonia in neonatal period

Hypotonia is a condition characterized by decreased muscle tone and muscle weakness. It is a symptom of brain diseases t...

264 views 2 pages ~ 350 words
Myasthenia gravis, Guillain-Barre syndrome is an autoimmune disorder

Myasthenia gravis, often known as Guillain-Barre syndrome, is an autoimmune condition that causes muscle weakening. Yet,...

118 views 4 pages ~ 974 words
Impaired physical mobility

The inability to move one's body or extremities independently and voluntarily is referred to as impaired physical mobili...

262 views 2 pages ~ 307 words
Differences between Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles

The structured myofibrils and numerous aligned Sacro-meres in cardiac and skeletal muscles give them striated appearance...

114 views 5 pages ~ 1158 words
the nervous system

The tendency of the skeletal muscle to show plastic features in response to body needs is at the root of this. Hypertrop...

193 views 3 pages ~ 597 words
TheMyofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a nervous system condition characterized by pain in body muscle tension points (trigger poin...

225 views 3 pages ~ 564 words
Post-Workout Smoothie

As someone who works out daily, I never feel like my workout is full until I finish it with a glass of a refreshing prot...

109 views 18 pages ~ 4842 words
Under various psychological settings, the spine load sharing and methods of Load Distribution Measurement

The spine's primary function is to support the body's weight. It is critical to accurately evaluate the load distributio...

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