The Importance of Effective Communication in Patient-Centred Care

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One essential element of patient-centred care is effective communication that enhances the relationship between the caregiver and the patient (Noh & Lee, 2018). It is imperative that the goal of communication be one that guarantees efficiency, clarity and accuracy and grants satisfaction to the patient regarding the depth of information given to them (O'hagan et al., 2014; Turkelson, Aebersold, Redman, & Tschannen, 2017). Effective communication dictates that both the patient and the caregiver should be committed to information-sharing to reduces instances of misdiagnosis in cases where the patient is to be placed on a strict regimen. However, it is also vital for both the caregivers and the patients to exercise great patience as there are so many impediments that can deter effective communication between these people (Yeh, 2017).

 One of the crucial factors that determine the success of any communication is the existence of differences and diversity between caregivers and patients. Diversity and difference are like a double-edged sword, having its own merits as well as downsides (Jehn and Neale, 1999). Differences can be broken down into two; primary and secondary types of diversity (Wilson and Iles, 1999). The primary category of disagreements constitutes aspects of gender, ethnic origin and age whereas the secondary group, which is less obvious, consists of diversity concerning sexuality, disability, class and work style.

 Diversity and difference bring about the advantage of promoting equality in institutions that have embraced the fact that it is part of modern existence (Thompson, 2016). Diversity fosters heritage and inclusion for patients who have different cultures. For institutions that have different persons with diverse cultures as part of their workforce, they can accommodate patients of different cultures and hence reduce on instances of discrimination.

            However, diversity and differences can also be a communication barrier in the sense that it can lead to discrimination whether explicit or implicit (Barak, 2016). Whenever there is a communication barrier between caregivers and patients, one of the most common reasons for that is diversity in language and culture. Consequently, the caregiver may fail to understand the type of medication the patient needs and the patient may grow weary and seek medical assistance in another hospital. Therefore, since diversity is crucial and essential in this day and age, it is necessary for institutions to know how to deal with it.



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October 13, 2023

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