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When your college professor asks you to write a profession essay, you should either write an explanatory or argumentative essay. These paper types are totally different. If you do not know what style to choose (if you have some free choice), you must take a look at our essay samples on profession to understand how to act. For example, if you want to write profession essays in an argumentative style, you should take at least three arguments for your essay and combine them for your thesis. Make sure that you provide an opposite opinion with various facts and sources. As you can see, essays on profession will have a good structure that you can follow!

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177 views 2 pages ~ 351 words
Personal Budget of a Registered Nurse in Los Angeles

A registered nurse in Los Angeles receives an annual compensation between $53,197 and $112,737, which includes the annua...

89 views 9 pages ~ 2213 words
The Role of Registered Nurses in Home Health Care

The government may change the rules concerning the services that are covered by nurses or limit what can be paid for...

179 views 2 pages ~ 286 words
Biometrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensors in Aviation Industry

Given the fragility of airlines, their security is essential as mistakes lead to fatalities. With increased security con...

192 views 2 pages ~ 517 words
The Ideology That Journalists Do Not Need to Pass Any Test or Licensed to Practice Their Profession

Journalism is pivotal in the production and dissemination of information on recent events globally. Majority of the indi...

161 views 4 pages ~ 898 words
My Dream Career as a Network Engineer

Generally, Information Technology (IT) has a number of career opportunities. For instance, network administrator special...

93 views 6 pages ~ 1581 words
Cybersecurity Careers: Safeguarding the Digital Frontier

Specialists of cybersecurity are in growing demand as cyberattacks and hackers become ever larger problems. There are se...

121 views 5 pages ~ 1315 words
Career in Information Technology Consultancy

Careers in Information Technology (IT) consultancy can be divided into two classes; an individual is employed by an IT c...

223 views 10 pages ~ 2592 words
The Progression of the Doctor-Patient Relationship within Four Generations

This research paper reviews the evolution of the patient-doctor relationship; it mainly focuses on the possible factors ...

188 views 2 pages ~ 298 words
What is the Purpose of an Interview?

Me: The purpose of this interview is to establish various aspects that enhance the writing profession. Professor: It wil...

260 views 7 pages ~ 1781 words
Factors Affecting Quality of Life in Nursing Homes

Serious issues often develop in nursing homes because of diverse factors, affecting patients’ quality of life. Some of t...

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