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Essays on Profession

When your college professor asks you to write a profession essay, you should either write an explanatory or argumentative essay. These paper types are totally different. If you do not know what style to choose (if you have some free choice), you must take a look at our essay samples on profession to understand how to act. For example, if you want to write profession essays in an argumentative style, you should take at least three arguments for your essay and combine them for your thesis. Make sure that you provide an opposite opinion with various facts and sources. As you can see, essays on profession will have a good structure that you can follow!

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63 views 2 pages ~ 393 words
The Patient Protection: Healthcare in the United St...

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's repeal is a hot topic in the American healthcare system right now (Obamacare). The Obama administration prom...

257 views 2 pages ~ 419 words
Taliban pilots are unable to shoot down an American...

The passage is an argumentative one that discusses the only ways Taliban fighters are unable to shoot down an American aircraft. The Taliban is an Islamic fu...

137 views 7 pages ~ 1656 words
The Era of Catastrophe Essay

“You look beautiful!” I say to her.
“Gisel, tell me something I don’t know,” she responds with confidence.
She is a forty-year-old woman that age like wine...

88 views 5 pages ~ 1370 words
Poor Areas and Marketing by Tobacco Companies

The extract shows that areas inhabited by disadvantaged residents or African Americans typically have the largest concentration of tobacco and smoke shops. A...

128 views 2 pages ~ 330 words
iNext Solutions Recruitment and Selection Proposal

The registration and choice process ensures that organizational goals are accomplished by selecting the most acceptable candidates (Bruck 2014). One should d...

37 views 2 pages ~ 303 words
Modern firefighters

Physical health and emergency care must be understood by modern firefighters and emergency responders. Responding to fires and other types of emergencies nec...

267 views 3 pages ~ 680 words
Occupational, behavioral health

Occupational, mental health is described as the promotion and preservation of a state of total well-being in any person at his or her job, allowing them to f...

154 views 3 pages ~ 627 words
Black Lives Matter and pepsi

Pepsi ran a commercial with Kendall Jenner, a reality television personality, in which she hands a Pepsi drink to a police officer in order to defuse tension...

219 views 8 pages ~ 2130 words
Are they Peace Keepers of Law Enforcers?

Police officers in the United States of America were once seen as peacekeepers by members of society. However, this image has deteriorated over time, and the...

204 views 1 page ~ 264 words
Internship in accounting

Often accounting companies search for unique characteristics of individuals that they may incorporate into their organization to give it a comparative advant...

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