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Professional career manager adept at increasing work efficiency and profitability. I have a proven track record in influencing organizational growth as well as effective human resource mobilization. Areas of expertise include innovation and entrepreneurship management, Risk and human resource management.


Computer literate                                                  Staff leadership and development

Multilingual                                                           Strategic planning

Good interpersonal communication skills             Customer relations

Data analyst                                                           


Extensive entrepreneurial management skills that led to the founding of Rose shop in Luanda ,Angola serving local and export market as well as offering employment to residents. Ability to manage workers for smooth running of the Rose Shop.

Offered leadership skills, inculcating professional and ethical moral business virtues and values to workers translating to good relations with the clients over the years.

Successfully mobilized community and stakeholders for a volunteer campaign dubbed “feeding the poor and addict rehabilitation”. Through the campaign enough resources were raised that catered to feed the homeless as well as helping rehabilitate drug addicts.

Provided technical guidance, advisory role, as well as operational information to senior security management while serving as Secretary to aircraft Security Company.


Aircraft Security Company, Angola, Company Secretary ,20XX to Date

Keeping updated and informative minutes to the company

Providing guidance and other technical information as required for smooth operation of the Aircraft Security

Championed and foresaw implementation of new administrative legal framework within the company

Volunteerism (2014 to date)

Feed the needy initiative: Since 2014 have been actively involved in feeding the homeless and helping rehabilitate drug addict within Luanda, Angola. The initiative aims at building decent housing to the homeless as well as ensuring Luanda becomes free from illicit drug abuse by 2020.


                             Barkley College

Bachelor of Business Management, 2017 to date

                 Federal University of Rio de Jeneiro

Bachelor of Medicine, Medical University, 2013-2017

              Luanda, Angola

Graduate high School, December 2012

October 30, 2023

Management Work

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