The Case of The Trouble in The Truss Construction Company

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The Trouble in the Truss Construction Company

The Trouble in the Truss Construction Company is a case of an employee of the organization hurting his arm from the breaking of a truss during a testing process. The injured person sustained injuries and is admitted for induced coma in a local hospital. A report by the Quality Assurance department, the Safety Officer and the engineer confirm that the test leading to the accident had the load exceed the machine bearing. The incident caused fears among the employees while the employee Faruch Habib leaked the information about the accident to the press and was later dismissed citing poor performance.

Accidents, Negligence, and Whistleblower Treatment

The case presents accidents occurring in organizations as a result of negligence and raises questions of the organization's compliance with the health and safety standards. Additionally, the incident of dismissal of Faruch Habib following his revealing of the accident to the press begs the question about the treatment of whistleblowers in the organization. Moreover, Faruch's dismissal and revelation presents a difficult public relations practice in the organization and may create a negative image of the organization and loss of trust among customer. A combination of these factors may lead to reduced profits.

Enhancing Workplace Safety

Numerous workplace related mishaps occur due to negligence; hence there is the primary necessity to enhance protection mechanisms to reduce the incidences of accidents (UTK. n.d.). This is not only in relation to moral responsibility but also for economic purposes. Effective mitigation that requires an in-depth assessment of potential risks is an essential aspect of the OSHA regulations (Health and Safety Executive, 2016). It is also critical for the workforce of any company to adhere to all the rules and regulations established by the administration to guarantee their safety and success of the firm.

Continual Training and Technical Measures

There is the need for continually conducting instructional classes to further solidify the knowledge of the employees under the supervision of properly trained individuals to reduce the number of these incidents (Roiste, Kuhl, & DŻwiarek, 2016). With the help of regularly updated manuals, the members of staff get equipped with the necessary knowledge to operate these machines safely and thus decrease the rates of human errors (UTK. n.d.). This would also result in the elimination of engineering faults and improper utilization of testing equipment. Generally, institutions ought to lay more emphasis on technical measures that can be utilized to minimize careless mistakes.


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January 19, 2024

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