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30 views 6 pages ~ 1485 words
Is Continued Learning from the Internet Effective?

The aim of this assignment was to provide a case about how the internet affects learning, intelligence, memory, attention, and thought. The paper is based on...

254 views 5 pages ~ 1120 words
The Google Jamboard Paper

Google is one of the leading providers of software goods in the United States. The company recently introduced a new Jamboard Digital Whiteboard, which is ex...

220 views 1 page ~ 270 words
The summary of the article is google making us stupid?

Is Google causing us to be stupid? According to Nicholas Carr, the internet is transforming the way we read and the amount of time we spend researching. In h...

170 views 2 pages ~ 277 words
The Glass Case Study by Google

Google X is confronted with three problems which have a huge impact on its capability to put Google glass- a recently developed unique product in the eye-wea...

256 views 3 pages ~ 553 words
LinkedIn Discussion

LinkedIn is the biggest professional website in the world with half a billion. The site’s customers are spread across more than 200 nations worldwide. Linked...

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