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Built by Google, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud-based computing services aimed at helping businesses gain a competitive edge in the digital age. Essentially, GCP provides companies with resources that are required to grow in productivity and size; since it’s versatile, it allows businesses to create many things ranging from a simple virtual machine to complex microservices architecture. Additionally, GCP has a variety of hosted services that run on Google hardware and that are available over the public internet where they can be accessed by software developers, and cloud administrators among other IT professionals.


 Considering that GCP is funded by Google, it has all the hardware and technology to serve the diverse needs of specific audiences and offer quality services. What this product does is that it offers a wide range of cloud services where its performance as a computer engine is ahead of its competitors. Moreover, GCP has global networks, which include private undersea cables; in the same way, there is a wide selection of applications available for their clients such as data analysis among others (Challita, Zalila, Gourdin, & Merle, 2018). However, GCP is more expensive compared to similar products from different companies, an aspect that makes it only suitable for large corporations.


 GCP has a secure-by-design security system as well as a world-scale infrastructure that will ensure that your organization is kept secure and compliant. Also, the in-built protection system is used to protect a company's information, devices, identities, and applications. It is of the essence to recognize that GCP has a wide range of services that will meet the policy requirements of your business, an aspect that will make sure that it protects your assets (Helms, Ault, Mao, & Wang, 2018). Confidentiality is promoted in that the business owner controls how data is used and shared, thereby increasing security with its products. 


            In order to effectively serve its clients and attract more customers, GCP should lower their prices so as to become more affordable to a wider population. Also, in the effort to increase a customer's experience, GCP should build a Cloud Cron, which will help integrate with all its products. Such an application will also allow customers to automate resource management and actions on a timely basis (Lai, Chowdhury, & Madhyastha, 2018). To accommodate people from different countries and to increase effectiveness, GCP should diversify their mode of payment


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September 04, 2023


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