The Impact of Cloud Computing on Business

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Cloud Computing in Business

Cloud computing entails the provision of hosted services through the internet. It enables companies or business to use a computer resource, such as storage or rather an application, instead of needing to build and sustain computing infrastructures (Rittinghouse and James 7). Today, a business can offer self-service provisioning whereby the end users may spin up compute resources, increase computing needs and reduce workload resilience. While the cloud computing is not a new concept, its capabilities or impacts can be realized in a business environment.

Increased Storage

First, cloud computing gives businesses increased storage. Cloud-based storage may help enterprises to store data cheaply. With the standardization of cloud computing storage, more companies have been able to improve their infrastructure within the cloud (Mell and Grance 2). Thus, the total quantity of data stored using cloud service providers is greater. For businesses, this could imply that they are capable of creating modified storage solutions in order to benefit from the possible cost competences of the cloud computing. Moreover, companies can store big data within the clouds so they can have an opportunity to analyze and practice insights, which will assist in enhancing business performance.

Improved Productivity

Also, cloud computing also helps improve productivity in businesses. It helps in eliminating the need of having to stack hardware or patch software to function, which is time-consuming (Pulier, Frank and Duncan 7). Thus, the organization will chive its goals. Additionally, cloud computing helps in improve business performance by creating reduced network latency for applications as well as larger economies of scale. Overall, businesses have disasters recovery, data back up as well as business continuity because cloud enables mirroring several redundant sites on the network provider.

The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing's future (10-20 years) from now will have a lot of impact on business or health care fields, for instance, in marketing, information security as well as banking services that are not available at present. First, health care organization will be able to store extensive data on the history of the patients (Mell and Grance 9). Healthcare will be able to improve electronic health services such as electronic enhanced health records and electronic prescribing so that they can improve the general health care in the society. Similarly, business will be able to market massively on electronic platforms at a cheaper cost as compared to before (Sen 5). The banking systems will improve massively in electronic banking whereby online transaction will be enhanced. For instance, one will access their banks from any point they need without having to go to the bank. According to (0), information security breaches will be the problem though; it will be minimized with cloud computing. In fact, a lot of fiancés will be invested in making sure that cloud services will have robust protection against progressively multifaceted data breaches.


In summary, cloud computing will improve business operations. Clouds will improve on organizational capacity of data storage. Hence, this will enhance productivity and performance of the business. As a result, this business will be able to make a lot of profit. Also, healthcare providers will be transformed and significantly improved by the cloud. The cloud computing will be transformative for businesses as data analytics as well as other capabilities will be made available as services. For instance, in commercial aviation, cloud computing will assist airlines to achieve ground operations like maintenance, thereby enhancing efficiency.

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September 11, 2023


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