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191 views 2 pages ~ 358 words
A laptop

I like to use my laptop. A laptop is a useful computer that can be used in a wide range of tasks to access information e...

116 views 1 pages ~ 268 words
A proposal of Work

To carry out transactions in moving, Bill needs a compatible and portable computer with at least four terabytes of inter...

110 views 7 pages ~ 1653 words
challenges and current social trends in computer engineering

Emerging Social Trends and Challenges for Computer Engineering The swift and complex design of information processing ha...

85 views 2 pages ~ 285 words
Computer Engineering

My tutorial interests are to pursue Computer Engineering under a nurturing environment the place I can get to know my pr...

209 views 6 pages ~ 1704 words
Computer Programming

Computer programming is a technique/process used to create executable pc instructions to solve computer problems. In def...

248 views 4 pages ~ 978 words
Life without Computers: How Modern Life Would be Different

Present in nearly all aspects of human life, from the smallest to the largest; computers are used by nearly all individu...

175 views 15 pages ~ 4058 words
Management of Data for Business

In the 1990s, people across the globe used the internet increasingly and the internet itself expanded exponentially. It ...

225 views 2 pages ~ 463 words
Prosecuting Government Whistleblowers

The creator of this article describes WikiLeaks to be essential in the contemporary world. This is due to the improved s...

294 views 2 pages ~ 428 words
Technological Advances

Technological advances have come a lengthy way in history to become the central part of conversation and information. Ac...

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