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203 views 9 pages ~ 2232 words
Artificial Intelligence Implementation in Retail Industry: A SWOT Analysis

This case study investigates current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation in retail industry. Amazon is ...

170 views 17 pages ~ 4472 words
Behavioral Impact of Using Artificial Intelligence in Sales Teams

2.1.2 Structural models to incorporate Artificial Intelligence. 19 2.1.3 Behavioral impact of using AI 21 2.1.4 Manageme...

77 views 13 pages ~ 3371 words
The Future of Superintelligence

Currently, humans are believed to the most intelligent species in the world due to the long history of evolution pressur...

103 views 11 pages ~ 2875 words
Artificial Intelligence

Humans beings are endowed with extraordinary intellectual capabilities which are incomparable to any other beings in the...

251 views 5 pages ~ 1274 words
The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Product

The robot maid is a new technological product that performs domestic chores such as mopping, vacuum cleaning, moving fur...

237 views 6 pages ~ 1404 words
Argument Against Giving Robots Rights

Robots have become a major controversial point of discussion in the contemporary World, due to the advantages it has bro...

141 views 5 pages ~ 1254 words
The Profound Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

In the current society, machines play a crucial role. People depend on machines in different fields of life to accomplis...

149 views 6 pages ~ 1627 words
Robots Will Take Over Most Jobs in the Future

The field of technology is the most uncertain area of which one cannot determine the innovation will be released in the ...

257 views 5 pages ~ 1277 words
Revolutionizing Tomorrow: The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to the creation of programs that give computers the ability to perform duties such as vis...

195 views 4 pages ~ 905 words
Ethical Issues of Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recent past has changed people’s lives for the better. These syst...

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