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170 views 6 pages ~ 1408 words
The Role of Typography in Graphic Design

Typography refers to the technique and art of typeface organization. To achieve the highest degree of readability and le...

185 views 7 pages ~ 1658 words
David Carson: A Post-Modernist Graphic Designer

David Carson is among the world’s greatest graphic designers and is usually associated with post-modernism (Poynor, 2003...

151 views 2 pages ~ 516 words
Design Assignment

Name of the Student Institutional Affiliation Web Design Part A To create a visually appealing, coherent and user friend...

views 13 pages ~ 3416 words
Semiotics and Branding

This research paper is based on the topic of semiotics and its features and its connection with the branding. It is researched from the works of...

243 views 7 pages ~ 1880 words
Visual criticism

Visual Criticism can be defined as the assessment of an object/artwork on the basis of its presentation or aesthetics. V...

150 views 3 pages ~ 585 words
Graphic Design Artistic Statement

There are many developments taking place in the modern world at the same time. This is particularly true in terms of inn...

109 views 4 pages ~ 875 words
Mexican Mural Painting Style by David Alfaro Sigueros (1986-1974)

Most graphic designs in Latin America are influenced by modern art and art deco, which are distinctive to the country. T...

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