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115 views 3 pages ~ 625 words
Analysis of Short-term and Long-term Goals of is a site whose aim is to attract customers from across the globe who may be interested in our products. The ...

169 views 6 pages ~ 1413 words
Development of web 2.0

The amount of time individuals spend online has significantly increased since the advent of web 2.0. The internet has be...

278 views 2 pages ~ 473 words
Striped Umbrella

A website is a collection of online pages that are related in some way, such as sharing a same design and interface. The...

172 views 6 pages ~ 1518 words
Amazon's Back-End Web

Amazon has grown from a small online bookstore to one of the world's largest online retailers. Its rapid success has bee...

142 views 7 pages ~ 1800 words
Google Figure-Ground Segregation

Google is one of the most useful online tools. It is available to anyone who needs to look up a certain topic. In this a...

197 views 3 pages ~ 574 words
Google company analysis essay

Google is a thriving program that has gone a long way from its inception in 1998 to become the world's largest and most ...

173 views 4 pages ~ 1096 words
Article Review: How the Internet of Things Is Helping Small Businesses

E. Shein (2015, Dec 14). The Internet of Things and Small Companies. Forbes,

171 views 3 pages ~ 675 words
Cyberspace and Jurisdiction

Modern technology breakthroughs, such as the internet via the World Wide Web (WWW), have changed people's daily activiti...

108 views 5 pages ~ 1143 words
The Multiple Lives of Moore’s Law

Mack, C. (2015). Moore's Law Has Many Lives. IEEE Spectrum: News in Technology, Engineering, and Science. http://spectru...

298 views 3 pages ~ 614 words
Techniques of Social Media

Social networking sites, publishing tools, and video sharing sites are some regularly utilized social media platforms th...

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