Striped Umbrella

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A website is a collection of online pages that are related in some way, such as sharing a same design and interface. The website is typically made up of web pages that are connected together. To create and maintain websites, web designers employ a wide range of talents and disciplines. To attract any site visitor, websites should be basic and easy to navigate. Dreamweaver includes design tools for creating interactive and dynamic web sites without the use of HTML codes. It supports web technologies like as CSS and JavaScript and allows users to visualize web material while it is being encoded (Bishop, 2014). This paper outlines some of the features of the Dreamweaver and the process one can utilize to design the website for striped umbrella.

Dreamweaver has a workplace that consists of menus, buttons, inspectors, panels, and panes. These tools are the fundamental requirement to develop and maintain a website. Creation and editing of web pages are carried out at the document window, which is the largest window program in Dreamweaver. The insert panel exists in different categories including layout, commons, forms, spry, data, text, and context editing among others. When carrying out live view, one uses the navigation buttons that are found in the browser navigation toolbar. The standard toolbars, that form parts of the menus and files, contain buttons for executing common commands (Bishop, 2014). The Dreamweaver also provides rendering toolbars that help to show data for diverse platforms and gives the names of the related files. Many features of the Dreamweaver widen its scope to a variety of users with different skills.

The design of a website for the striped umbrella follows a standard procedure just like other websites. One must create new folders and a new site with a site name. After that, the designer has an obligation to create the first or index page for the intended website. The index file must be saved in the correct format, that is, “index.html.” During the creation of a website, the designer must consider the checklist questions and answers. He or she must consider the website objectives and the target group. There should be a wireframe, which illustrates every page of the web and displays the connection between one page and another (Bishop, 2014). One can use horizontal rules, colors, pictures and tablets to improve the aesthetic value of the website. Adding the link pages created is also necessary to moderate the page sizes so that it does not take much time to load.

I completed the exercises in the Dreamweaver Creative Cloud Revealed textbook, and the snapshots below show my results.

Figure1. Using the view property inspector (Lesson 1)

Figure2. Viewing the head content (Lesson 2)

Figure3. Live view with element quick view and live view property inspector (Lesson 3)

Figure4. Properties (Lesson 4)


Bishop, S. (2014). Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud Revealed Update. Cengage Learning.

June 12, 2023


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