Article Review-Security Hacking

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Unauthorized access to data on a computer or other information system is known as hacking. Hacking's main objective is to trick the information system's security measures into serving a different purpose. A security lapse called hacking preys on things like computer hardware, emails, banking systems, networks, websites, and passwords. My coursework will be based on wireless hacking because it addresses the most recent and ongoing network security issues.

Monitoring another network user's activity or cracking security codes to gain access to network services are both examples of wireless hacking. The vulnerabilities that make wireless hacking easy are the poor configuration and encryption of network codes by the security manager (Radivilova & Hassan 2017). A classic example is the hacking of the Wi-Fi password. Neighborhoods that use Wi-Fi may at some point experience low connectivity. This situation may tempt them to get access to the network from other people. The security requirements in such Wi-Fi will make such users to look for cracking tools and gain unauthorized access to enjoy free network services.

The cracking of security passwords and monitoring of the networks in wireless hacking is done using hacking tools. The tools include cloud cracker, OmniPeek, air jack, Netstumber and Commview for Wi-Fi just to mention a few (Quirumbay et al., 2017). Cloud cracker is used to hack password hashes with over than three hundred million words in its dictionary to find other Wi-Fi passwords (Kim et al. 2016). OmniPeek is used in detecting and analyzing of wireless traffic and make changes to allow more plugging in the network. Commview for Wi-Fi is used to capture the network store of other systems and reveal sensitive information such as connectivity in networks and signal strength. Air jack, on the other hand, works by introducing foreign settings in another network and making its connectivity low. The hacker, in this case, ceases the opportunity and usurps necessary rights to manipulate such a system to his advantage. Netstumber is a wireless hacking tool which gains access to the wireless access points of other networks which is vital in securing network configurations (Quirumbay et al. 2017). The tools for wireless hacking, therefore, play two significant roles. One, some are used in cracking of network security codes, such as Cloud cracker and two, others are used in monitoring and troubleshooting of network connections of the host, such as OmniPeek.

The above discussion of wireless hacking tools brings us to the main types of wireless attacks. Packet sniffing, a threat that allows access to unsecured data (Kim et al. 2016 ), Password theft, directing of information between communicating channels to the attacker, jamming the security traffic to deliberately cause connectivity breakdown, Bluetooth related attacks and attacks on the rooters which are wireless. These attacks can be controlled using security protocols such as authentication which confirms network users as the real ones, confidentiality which prevents eavesdropping and integrity of wireless network administrators who ensures that any malicious software does not change data.

However much hacking maybe a skill to an individual, it should be legally used. Wireless hacking is a cybercrime if used for illegal reasons. The hacking tools in any hacking situation should be only handled by authorized people such as administrators of the network or Wi-Fi based programmers with original rights.


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April 13, 2023
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