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236 views 3 pages ~ 637 words
The Threat of Xiaomi to Samsung and Apple

Xiaomi Inc. success can be associated with innovativeness in marketing and distribution of its products in many parts of...

81 views 4 pages ~ 889 words
Smartphone Culture

Smartphones have increased numerously all over the world where high population uses them on their daily basis with inter...

98 views 3 pages ~ 717 words
Driving and Texting Solutions

With ever-evolving smartphone technology, texting has developed into a societal norm in modern society. Therefore, it sh...

241 views 7 pages ~ 1828 words
A mobile application is a software application

A mobile application is a software program that is built for usage in small, usually wireless computer devices such as t...

82 views 2 pages ~ 277 words
Data Warehouse and Data Marts - Samsung and Sony Eriksson

Among the firms that employ mobile analytics to create a user-friendly interface are Samsung and Sony Ericsson. They use...

74 views 3 pages ~ 650 words
PCN is preferable to an HCN

Hiring new overseas organs is one of the most important decisions made by an HR department when a corporation begins new...

63 views 2 pages ~ 380 words
The Pros and Cons of Mobile Touch Interfaces

Mobile touch interfaces offer both positive and negative qualities. It is critical for users of these interfaces to gras...

107 views 3 pages ~ 632 words
smartphone ownership in Australia

Smartphone ownership in Australia increased from 11.1 million on 30 June 2013 to 15.3 million by the end of 2015. Assumi...

273 views 5 pages ~ 1265 words
About Mobile marketing

The goal of this essay is to help us understand the current status of mobile banking and determine the advantages of usi...

151 views 6 pages ~ 1520 words
Effects of Smartphones on Cognitive Capacity

The human species has benefited significantly from technological breakthroughs. With just a smartphone or laptop, people...

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