Samsung Commercials Persuasion Strategies

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Samsung wireless charger commercial The wireless charger implies that it would be an advancement in the smartphone technology market, and it intuitively communicates an innovative and easy charging system to its target and future target audience. The ad shows several scenes and photographs that specifically emphasize its latest functionality and functions to Samsung's new phone customers, and its songs, characters, and various apparels often draw the interest of its future target population to increase their buying appetite.

2017 Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible Viral Ad is a commercial by Samsung that aims to promote the latest convertible and easy wireless charger. The product comes at a time when the competition in the smartphone industry is recorded to be high because of the different crops of new brands. The wireless charger is believed to be a game changer regarding convenience, portability and the appeal it creates for its target audience. The target audience for this ad is the working class, who are always on the move. This audience is identified through the different scenes in the commercial whereby the activities depicted from morning to evening are those of a working-class person whose social status is higher than the others (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). The ad is appealing to the audience through the use of compelling features such as music, scene, and characters. These features make the ad efficient as it has both an emotional and rational appeal to the audience. These calls are achieved through music, scene, apparel, and characters, which the audience can identify with quickly.

The ad has used message strategies to create an effect as well as a somewhat effect on the users of the product. These procedures are the appeal of positive emotion, precisely through the use of music, scene and apparel; higher order human needs through scenes and characters, and finally the last shot of a sentence. The strategies make use of appeals to emotions and the social environment to encourage them to purchase the product.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible is an innovation and advancement in the Samsung phone technology, following the battery faults the previous year. This charger makes use of sophisticated technology with it being wireless and convertible at the same time (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). Therefore, a user does not need access to a power source to use the charger, making it a very convenient gadget to have. The charger also makes life easier for Samsung phone owners by improving the quality of life. This improvement is achieved by the reduced hustle of having to use a USB charger that would hinder movements.

The advertisement has used emotional appeal as a means of creating effectiveness. A call to the emotion is achieved when a consumer feels a connection to the product such that it arouses excellent and positive feelings. Advertisers take into account the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs when developing an ad that would work well with the consumers. Cao et al. (2013) conducted a study to establish an aspect that causes users to intentionally continue using social networking services about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The study also applied the Expectation- Confirmation Model of information systems continuance. According to the findings of the study, to fulfill social requirements, a person has to achieve self-satisfaction first. This result concludes that self-actualization is necessary for the intentional continuance of using a particular product. While creating an emotional appeal, the advertisement has targeted the safety needs of the audience as described in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Cao et al., 2013). These requirements include security and stability. The phone charger creates a sense of confidence whereby it shows that a person’s life does not have to be put on hold because the phone battery died. Different scenes are shown in the ad. There is a morning scene that shows the character taking coffee in readiness for the day ahead (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). The following stages show characters participating in different activities, thereby displaying a busy life. The way the scenes change also show how fast a day goes by, causing there to be lack of time to be slowed down by a drained battery (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). The advertisement, therefore, creates an opinion that through a busy lifestyle, a consumer can use their phone throughout, which in turn encourages their purchase intention.

Furthermore, the use of music creates an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand. It also causes impression that draws the audience’s attention to the ad by creating a memory. The soundtrack used, which incorporates vocals from Greg Priester make it easier for the consumer to be drawn to the product and regularly have it in mind (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). By continually being reminded of a charger that drives them to their full potential by keeping their social, corporate and personal life up and running, the audience gets to feel a sense of self-actualization. This feeling is what will keep the audience drawn to the product, thereby increasing their purchase intention (Cao et al., 2013).

Social needs as described by Maslow are also taken into consideration by the ad (Cao et al., 2013). A person always needs to have a sense of belonging, which is achieved through constant communication and feeling in touch with one another. The ad highlights this need through an office scene that shows the character communicating with another person, while the phone is charging on the wireless charger (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). This view shows the convenience the charger poses in constant communication, which does not lock anyone away from society at any point.

Attention, memory, and persuasion are other critical elements in creating an effect through advertisements. A study was conducted by Endo & Roque (2017) on the different aspects of neuropsychology that advertisers take advantage of when influencing consumer behavior. These are attention memory and perception. The findings of the research show that amazing scenes have a more significant impact on the audience as compared to usual ones, by influencing the levels of attention. Attention and memory are negatively affected by complex elements, while very few people perceive brands as a reference.

The scene and characters reflect the different social environment has indicated the higher order human need and how it creates audiences an emotional bond between viewers and commercial to encourage their purchase intention. The more senior order human need creates a somewhat effect on the consumer, which contributes to the emotional appeal that makes a consumer see the need for having the product. These features also affect the attention level of the audience. The ad has used straightforward elements which positively affect the levels of attention (Endo & Roque, 2017). The simple details are shown through different scenes, which depict the life that a middle-class person would be living. These elements make it relatable such that the audience feels like the charger is a vital gadget that they could include in their day to day life.

Moreover, the characters used in the ad demonstrate the kind of life that the target audience is exposed to. These figures also describe the social status of the target audience as the middle class through their depiction of work and leisure. These elements all grab the attention of the consumer by creating an emotional bond between them and the charger, increasing their purchase intention.

Memory is also another element that has been used in the ad. First, the ad uses music to capture the attention of the audience. After the focus has been obtained, the lyrics of the song are redundant thereby creating a memory that would be retrieved later on (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). Memory is also enhanced by different scenes used. The views allow a consumer to connect the situation in the ad to a real-life situation, after which they realize how efficient the charger would be in the actual sense (Endo & Roque, 2017). Connecting to the case gives the charger relevance, which in turn influences decision making. The characters also show how the charger could be used in different scenarios, regardless of your location (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). This ad has scenes and characters as the higher order of human needs strategies to influence the purchase of the product, by letting the consumer experience how the charger would be beneficial, through the characters. Memory is, therefore, an essential aspect of decision making, which is why this ad has used different features to create an appeal worth memorizing.

The last shot of a sentence emphasizes the product’s credibility, which creates an emotional bond between audiences and the product to encourage their purchase intention. This part also seeks to evoke the memory of the audience to help them to get the charger (Endo & Roque, 2017). For this ad, the last shot emphasizes that the product is a wireless convertible charger from Samsung. After this statement, the Samsung logo is shown (Floor6 Post Production, 2017). The last shot of a sentence makes the consumer consider the product even more by emphasizing its advantages and benefits, which are its convertibility and it is wireless. The statement reminds the consumers why they need the product. The logo at the end of the ad is meant to establish the credibility of the product. Samsung is a brand that is associated with different electronic gadgets that are among the best in the industry. Therefore, when a consumer sees the logo, they are reminded of the quality of the brand, which in turn influences the decision-making process.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of an ad is essential in selling a product. The Samsung wireless convertible charger ad is one commercial that uses different message strategies to create the efficacy. Emotional appeal is one of the essential features to create an effect, which is achieved through music, scene, and apparel. On the other, the higher order human needs feature creates a somewhat effect, which when combined with the emotional appeal, form a bond between the consumer and the product. The last shot of as sentence emphasizes the credibility of the product and triggers memory which influences the purchase intention of the audience. The ad is successful in using winning strategies to create an effect on the target audience.References

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