Revolutionizing Tomorrow: The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence refers to the creation of programs that give computers the ability to perform duties such as visual recognition, translation of language and decision making without the need for human control. In the field of artificial intelligence, there are substantial developments such as the creation of vehicles that do not need human drivers as well as artificial soldiers used in fighting enemies in war. Such changes are different from the traditional setting where human beings controlled everything. In this rate, it is evident that in the near future the machines will be in a position to manage more departments within human life leading to positive changes (Barron, 2017, p. 1). Human beings are the sole creators of intelligence. Every development represents an advancement of education for humanity. Artificial intelligence is a crucial part of life today, trusted enough to perform the required duties with absolute precisions.

Artificial Soldier Image (TechRepublic, 2018)

One advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to perform all the tasks assigned with absolute precision. The computers run on programs designed by computer engineers. In case of any errors in the coding, the machine will also make the same mistakes in manipulation. However, the computer translates the same accuracy as intended. In the manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence can produce goods with no errors as compared to man. For example, the machine does not suffer from fatigues. When a human being undertakes a tedious task, the chances of getting tired are incredibly high. As the person gets tired, the chance of making mistakes increases and the level of precision drops (Ward & MacKay, 2002, p. 838.). Therefore, artificial intelligence presents a better opportunity of creating a production industry with accurate measurements of goods with zero chances of errors.

The issue of artificial intelligence is significant due to the ongoing debate on the subject. A significant part of the population feels that the machines are taking over the industry rendering human beings jobless. For example, the manufacturing industry is replacing human labor due to higher rates of production and cheaper operational costs. In the transport sector, the employees feel that the machines are taking over all the jobs leaving the people suffering. Therefore, the population thinks that the devices pose a threat to humanity since they present a form of competition, which human beings cannot match. The validity of the fear is debatable from one field to the other. One point to note is that the machines give humanity better lives from the reduced cost of production. When the cost of production reduces, the prices of commodities in the market subsides making life more comfortable.

A good example is the use of artificial soldiers in war. During the creation of the programs, the developers feed the computers with the strategic details describing the enemy for accuracy purposes. When the enemy overpowers the robots, the losses incurred by the country are financial only. If the same case was to apply on the human soldiers, it is evident that the loss of lives would be significant (Van et al. 2004, p. 900-907). Therefore, the robots are capable of saving human lives when combating terrorism. In space exploration, the machines can travel to outer space and collect data on another planet. If the planet cannot sustain human life, the machines can ascertain the conditions and send the feedback to the control towers. Using artificial intelligence prevents risking the human life in such explorations; hence an advantage to humanity.

The trustworthiness of artificial intelligence lies entirely with the creator of the program. In the security firms, the programs can identify employees in a company through biometric data collected and fed into the system. Therefore, it is impossible for the thieves or any unfriendly persons to gain access to the premises without authorization. In the education system, artificial intelligence in the form of Google assists the students to look for information from libraries all over the world. The machines can identify specific terms in the question and relate to books, journals, and websites with similar information. The potential benefits are many. Without such platforms such as Google, students from the developing nations would experience academic limitations in accessing knowledge due to financial instability in the countries.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Negative Attributes of Artificial Intelligence

Faster Decision-making

ü Joblessness in the Society

Higher Productivity

ü Power to Control Resides with the Technologists

Advanced Research

ü Increases Automation

Access to Information

ü Discourages Creativity

Artificial intelligence is free from emotional interference. The machine can make rational choices at all times irrespective of the circumstances. Human beings are famous for letting their feelings interfere with their decisions when executing tasks. Elements such as favoritism and racial discrimination are common in society today. However, artificial intelligence in banking halls and customer service usage of avatars gives the customers similar services without biases. In our daily lives, human beings use intelligence in multiple ways. Therefore, it is hard to assume that artificial intelligence is not part of humanity. If the knowledge were not trustworthy, the information presented by Google would be false and full of errors. More so, the machines would be synonymous with mistakes in the production industry leading to total evasion from the platform by the investors.

Despite the multiple advantages enjoyed from artificial intelligence, it is my perception that the platform is responsible for joblessness in the society today. For example, machines can run the whole day leading to a higher production compared to human beings who have to deal with fatigue. Therefore, investors opt for the machines to cut down on operational costs and maximize on the profits. In such instances, human beings suffer from joblessness (Dirican, 2015, p. 570). Artificial intelligence employs the persons in the field of technology who handle development of the programs. However, those people who earn a living from providing manual labor to the industries end up suffering. Therefore, it is important to regulate the applicability of artificial intelligence to minimize the negative attributes and avoid a scenario where human beings perceive the machines as enemies. The creators need to customize artificial intelligence to departments that are strenuous to human beings to avoid unnecessary competition.

Human life depends on artificial intelligence on various aspects of life today. Therefore, the issue of trusting the machines is a critical subject with the development of artificial intelligence in almost all aspects of life. The tools are trustworthy from the correct implementation of the instructions fed to them without any error. More so, the machines are capable or overcoming human weakness such as fatigue and emotional attachment in the execution of duties. Human beings in the academic and security field can attest to the significant benefits associated with the intelligence in the provision of information and safety respectively. However, the interference of the benefits with the employability of the population seems to conflict the interests of human beings. When artificial intelligence is the reason behind joblessness in the society, their benefits in society seems to subside. However, artificial intelligence is a positive aspect in the population today.


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September 11, 2023
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