Beyond the Surface: Why Packet Headers are Crucial

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Packet, the data unit routed between an origin and destination on the internet, is comprised of many partitions, and each packet having three parts including the header, payload, and trailer (Hency, 2009). The header usually contains the sender’s details as well as the recipient’s IP address in addition to the packet number and the protocol used during the transfer. Payload on its part contains the actual data being transferred while the trailer plays the major role of containing the data that shows the end of the packet and error correction aspects (Hency, 2009). While all the three partitions are important, the header stands as the most important considering that it contains all the crucial information that pertains to data transfer including the sender’s and recipient’s IP addresses as well as the protocol for use that contains much information about the data such as the packet number and its synchronization. Basing on such aspects, the header stands as the most important of all the packet parts.

            Proxy server as used in computer networks makes reference to being the intermediary for request made by clients in seeking for resources from other servers. When in use, the proxy servers work to direct traffic from the sender to the internet (Yang & SHU, 2009). Proxy servers thus have several benefits considering their role. One of the benefits of proxy servers is in securing of important information that could easily reach the unintended audience. To achieve such a role, proxy servers work as mechanisms of bypassing blocked websites. Besides, proxy serves also have excellent cache systems, which work in increasing the browsing data speed, an aspect that in turn increases the output performance (Raunak, Shenoy, & Ramamritham, 2000). A proxy sever can also secure and maintain the privacy from a client’s computer whenever the individual surfs the internet from different proxies. Proxy server is also of significant importance from its load balancing contributions within an individual application area (Yang & SHU, 2009).

            Despite the benefits, proxy servers equally have some drawbacks that limit their effective performance. In certain instances, the servers could redirect data and in turn give access to offensive sites that would otherwise be blocked. The ability of proxy servers to log, capture, and equally track an individual’s activities while online allows for the sending of information, which could then be used to cause damage, most especially in cases where hosting of the sites is done by less-than honest entities (Raunak, Shenoy, & Ramamritham, 2000). Servers can also be complex as services performed have to be redirected via proxy.

            Being in the position of a CISO, my recommendation will be on the Asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption involves the use of digital signatures, an important aspect for the maintenance of data authenticity. Furthermore, Asymmetric encryption uses two keys; the public and private, for the encryption and decryption (Song & Qin, 2014). Besides, the aspect of Non-Repudiation is equally important in the maintenance of integrity as it prevents instances of an individual making a denial and later staging for a non-applying of signature. To achieve such, Asymmetric encryption makes verifications of all content prior to and after a signature in ensuring that no changes happen (Song & Qin, 2014).

            Data confidentiality is yet another important consideration for Asymmetric encryption against symmetric encryption. Basing on the fact that encryption occurs using an individual’s public key, the decryption is equally only possible with a person’s private key thus, defense against the unintended recipients decrypting and viewing the data contents (Song & Qin, 2014).

            In instances in which a cyber attack is of the relatively low-level resources as required by an attacker to cause a significant damage with results of causing resource malfunction then such an attack is considered Asymmetric. Such an occurrence has the capacity of mitigating brute force attacks, especially those of Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, thus help in the maintenance of data confidentiality and integrity. Besides, such occurrences would also protect against attacks such as Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (Song & Qin, 2014).


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September 11, 2023


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