Domain Name Registration

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The Domain Search Process

The domain name is the electronic address and identifier that a computer has on a network. For one to get to a certain page, they must type in a domain name. Therefore, if a domain name is available, one can do the search using any online domain register or even web hosting platforms. The domain name that will be used in this case is Checking if a domain name is available is the domain search process. There are a couple of ways that will be employed in searching if the domain name, “” is available. The process of searching for domain name entails looking for it on popular registries such as DreamHost,, Name Cheap and Hover. The process can entail typing the URL into the search tool of the registry and there will be an indication if the domain is registered or not. Buying the domain name is one of the easy processes. The first stage entails typing in the correct domain name that one has selected as guided by the correct keywords that one is interested in. Once this is done, then add the domain name to the cart and pay for it. Most of the domain names cost $0.99.

Alternative Content Management Systems

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Through WordPress, one can create content for free and then publish it. There are other alternatives to WordPress and they include Medium, Ghost, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr among others (Canavan, 2011).


The first one is Medium. As much as it is not a full content management system, it provides the users with a clutter-free writing area where individuals can share similar experiences for their readers. The focus of this medium is primarily the community and bloggers. The interface is superb and users have not to worry so much concerning the themes and plugins given that there are no such. Different from the WordPress, it has no comment section rather there is a place for responses and in-line notes. Once you have your own domain name, you can proceed to publish your content.


Joomla is the second most popular content management system that people use at the moment. The content management system boasts of 6.7% market share. Just like WordPress, Joomla allows one to extend using templates and extensions. However, the third party extension community is not very large as the case of WordPress (Pearce, 2011). The ideal thing is that it has many overlapping tools and own page builders. Joomla is much more preferred for those who want to make static websites. Further, the system has many flexible widget systems as the modules can be assigned to individual pages or menus. Joomla has a much more robust user permission management system compared to WordPress.


Comparing Drupal to WordPress, one can attest that it is not user-friendly for the beginners. As much as Drupal offers modules and themes that allows individuals to extend the looks and functionality, most beginners will find it very difficult to create comprehensive sites using it especially in comparison to WordPress (Patel, Rathod & Prajapati, 2011). Owing to the complicated nature of Drupal, it remains one of the best ways of handling huge amount of data thus making it very suitable for most websites that are enterprise oriented. Additionally, Drupal has the views module section that lets the user to display different kinds of content in a flexible way compared to WordPress. Just like is the case of Joomla, Drupal too allows the user to have so much control over the access and permissions.

The Role of DNS in Website Analytics

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The URL is “”. When DNS points to the content on the site, the analytics code is usually triggered and this is done by ensuring that domain hosting works. The web hosting company should be in a position to provide the DNS. Hence, when one searches the content, they can find it.

Setting Up Email with Zoho Mail

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One of the free services for setting up a mail is the Zoho Mail. Many people prefer it as it has up to 25 free mail boxes. Also, setting it up is quite easy as it has a clean interface that hooks into the popular Zoho productivity environment. After getting a new domain name, proceed to the ‘Setup’ tab in the section labelled iwantmyname in the dashboard. Proceed and select the Zoho mail from the list of services. In case you want the mail to be accessed by the other users, clients, you need just to migrate the mail and add them as users. The process can include adding users and creating email accounts or importing users.


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