The Role of Internet Censorship in Protecting Children and Adolescents

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The Aim of Internet Censorship

The aim of the internet, from its introduction, was to enable people to have access to extensive information at high speed. It is estimated that in ten years’ time, around five billion people will be connected to the internet, meaning that they will have access to numerous information provided in various web pages. Internet censorship will thus be necessary as it is the process of exercising control over information which can be accessed or viewed from the internet. It aims at either preventing children from accessing undesirable content or a nation’s control on what people can access. The primary goal of internet censorship is, therefore, blocking connections to web pages in which the regulators consider undesirable. Such information may include pornographic sites, extremists, and terrorist groups which significantly affect the young generation.

The Relationship Between Internet Censorship and Access to Pornography by Young People

In as much as pornographic sites are censored, some are still widely accessible and available. The young people are curious about the human biology and sex such that most of them turn to the internet to satisfy their sexual desires. It has led to an increase in such cases as rape and violence perpetrated by young people and a deterioration in their emotional and physical wellbeing. A concern, therefore, arises, is there a relationship between internet censorship and rise in pornographic access by young people?

The Ineffectiveness of Blocking Pornography Access for Children

Pornography is a site which is considered undesirable and deteriorates people’s morals, in addition to giving a wrong impression about sex. Controlling specific websites does not necessarily reduce access to the entire information. When people know they are prohibited from accessing particular information, they would always want to find out the content of what is forbidden, which is often the case with pornography. The pornographic materials can be shared through other social platforms, thus, its prevalence among the youths regardless of censorship. Software to bypass censorship is readily available and accessible to adolescents in which they can use to access prohibited content (Wolf, 2014).

The increased calls for blocking pornography access due to children protection seem not to be fruitful as the rates of access by this population is still high. Studies indicate that among young people between ages 9 to 16 years, 28% of them have viewed online sexual content and for those between 15 to 16 years is 73%. In these statistics, the males who have watched online pornography are unusually high, unlike the females, with rates of 93% and 62% respectively (Pamela, 2013).


Internet censorship is a tool which controls people's access to information from the internet and can be enforced by either the state government or other private organizations. Self-censorship is also possible where individuates the initiative of denying themselves access to some information. It could be due to reason such as for morality purposes, in obedience to cultural norms, religious affiliation, or fear of the consequences. The internet contains a lot or too much information which can be damaging to the society and especially the children; censorship is thus necessary because it controls their access. When it comes to blocking pornographic content form children and adolescents, however, the aim is not achieved because of increased curiosity, among the youths to watch obscene, pornographic scenes. In as much as young people know and understand it is illegal to view porn, there has not been any change for many years, as they will always find a way to overcome internet censorship.


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September 11, 2023
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