The Role of Case Tool in Software Development

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The Structured Method

The structured method is a term used to describe how information systems are design and the style of the systems to be analyzed. It supports the following models; object models, a sequence models, data flow model and a state transition model among others. An object-oriented method is an approach of examining and designing a system, business or an application by using object-oriented program design. Furthermore, visual modeling is used during the life cycle of its development to create an improved product value and stakeholder communication (Tilley & Rosenblatt, 2017).

Agile Software Method

Agile software method is a software development in which its solutions and requirements develop through the combined work of self-organizing cross-functional teams and the end users of the product. This technique inspires quick and flexible response to the modification.

Computer-aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tool

Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool is a kind of the software tool whose function is to design applications and also to implement those applications. Its primary function is for developing software of highest quality, easy to maintain and free from any defects. It also assists in the management of the task, that is, manage task plans, project assignment, and arrangement. Case Tool helps in the evaluating of the codes and its specification for its performance and correctness among other tasks (Tegarden, Dennis, & Wixom, 2013). The case supports in sharing a common assessment as to where the project stands at each phase of development to the managers, coders, designers, and testers can give their views.

Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is the activity of demonstrating processes of an entity, so that the present process may be critically analyzed, enhanced and programmed. It is mostly done by business analysts, who give expertise in modeling issue; by the subject matter specialists. This is commonly done by those who have to understand in the processes of the modeling or by the team involving both groups. It is done by the methods including the functional perspective which illustrates what activities are being performed and what data applies to them. Another method is dynamic aspect shows the order of interaction and how process components are accomplished. Organizational perspective, which gives where and whom the elements are performed. The final method is the information perspective; this type of the perspective shows the source of information being analyzed (Tegarden, Dennis, & Wixom, 2013).


Prototyping is the action of generating prototypes for the uses of the software that is developing partial software program version. This is a process that can happen in software development and also same to prototyping. Prototyping allows the engineer of the software some perception into the accuracy of preliminary assessments of the project and if milestones and deadlines can be met successfully or not. The designer of the software and the one who implements can get early feedback from the users in the project (Glover, Overbye, & Sarma, 2017). This enables them to compare whether the software developed met its specifications. Prototyping saves cost and time. It allows any desired changes to be made at early stages thus it help for goals to be achieved faster. Since the users of this software are supreme, prototyping enables user testing and research. The intent of developing a prototype is for the user testing which will give a hint on how usable and valuable the software to the user of the product.


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September 11, 2023


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