Exploring the Windows 10 Taskbar: Tips, Tricks, and Productivity Hacks

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A Taskbar

A taskbar is a movable and concealable icon that is located on the graphical user interface desktop and works as a pad for launching applications as well as holding the icons that display the running programs. Despite other desktop environments like GNOME and Linux KDE Plasma having their own task bars, the most known taskbar is accommodated in the windows operating system. The basic function of a taskbar is top show a user the background and the active programs that are running. The feature is also fundamental because it allows a user to access quick actions that can be done through a particular program. A quick identifiable tip in windows is that, a computer user can search for a program via the taskbar and access the minimised, active, and quick launch programs that are attached to the taskbar (Halsey, 2016). The feature has steps of operating and it begins with pressing the start button, then a quick launch to allow launching of programs with a single click. The next step is running the programs to allow easy access to different programs. The notification area is used to indicate icons for small running programs like the calendar, volume control, and the clock.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops make windows 10 to allow a user to create multiple and separate desktops which displays different open windows and apps. A simple use of the feature is to keep work separate from other personal items. The most amazing tip regarding the uses of virtual desktops is the feature that permits a user to put all the items that are related in terms of functioning for particular tasks on one desktop and help a user to focus on specific items one after another. The uses of the feature start with clicking the task view button to add a virtual desktop and a user can create many desktops depending the various items that he or she wants to work on. Accessing every desktop involves viewing the task view to see all desktops that have been launched at the bottom of the screen. A person switches between virtual desktops by clicking on the specific desktop (Luo, Yi, & Chen, 2012). The most significant functioning associated with virtual desktops is the ability to keep all information of apps opened ion each desktop for as long as a person wants to use it until he or she closes the program. The feature minimises the risk of closing all information by mistake because every information is accessed separately.

Windows Store Apps

The Windows store apps is a key digital distribution platform for Microsoft windows. The feature started as an app store as the primary means of distributing universal windows platform. The most amazing feature of the windows store apps is that it can store as many as 500,000 apps. The function can be utilized on the desktops, phones, and tablets. The windows store applications are installed within the windows apps folder that is found in the program files folder. Accessing the feature in the hidden folder involves first opening the option for the folder options and viewing the show hidden files, drives, and folders (Burns, 2012). Specific steps for opening the function starts with opening Microsoft store on windows and selecting any application that a person wants to access depending on his or her purpose or need.


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September 04, 2023


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