The Importance of Internet and Cloud Computing

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Increase in the Use of the Internet as a Problem-Solving Tool

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the use of the internet as a problem-solving tool. Individuals and business organizations have integrated technologically-advanced technologies with the aim of improving the quality of outcomes. The emergence of cloud computing has also provided an avenue through which sensitive data can be saved and protected from unauthorized access (Clapper, 2011). These benefits have supported the assertion that internet and cloud computing have revolutionized the business environment. For this reason, business entities are increasingly adopting such techniques in their operations in addition to creating a platform that facilitates the use of internet as a key decision-making tool. Despite the numerous benefits that can be derived from the Internet and cloud computing, disruptions in the systems have highlighted the high level of dependence (Ahmed, 2014). Individuals are increasingly relying on the internet and therefore, there is an increased risk of vulnerability during disruptions, resulting into crisis.

The Need for United Government Control of Internet Use

The research that was conducted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) provided that government should unite to help control the use the Internet to prevent its disruptive nature. Consequently, the global committee on Internet developed four primary pillars to help realize these objectives. Notably, Simon (2017) provides that the elements encompass the enhancement of governance legitimacy, stimulation of economic innovations, protection of online human rights, and avoidance of systematic risks. The process require inclusiveness to allow proper implementation of the policies, thus, preventing any adverse effects of Internet and cloud applications.

Disruptions Caused by Internet and Cloud Computing

The computer outages at the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, and the United Airlines emphasized the confounding influences of the Internet and cloud computing (Associated Press, 2015). During this duration, trading at the security exchange entity was halted due to the unavailability of live data, thus rendering the process untenable. Moreover, essential information on stock data was unavailable for the traders due to system breakdowns thereby limiting their ability to make profitable and sustainable decisions. In the case of United Airlines, the aviation company had to cancel its domestic and international flights since the computer system had broken down. During this durations, bookings were also affected by system failures leading to massive losses to the company. Finally, the computer outage at the Wall Street journal also impacted on investors and stock traders since they were not able to continue with their daily tasks. The three instances served as a reminder of human dependence on interconnected networks and the magnitude of crisis that could be created due to the failure of the Internet systems.

Vulnerability of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also vulnerable due to its dependency on the Internet. Under this system, individuals create cloud accounts and can use the platform to save vital information. Not only is it a safe means of storing data, but it also provides significant spaces for the subscribers. However, the main drawback relates to the need for internet connection of facilitate accessibility (Sultan, 2010). Therefore, outages and service interruptions may limit access to information on the cloud platform, thereby causing delays in the process. The high dependence on this system may therefore cause a crisis in instances whereby immediate action is required yet there is no immediate internet connection (Ahmed, 2014).

Human Reliance on Internet and Cloud Computing

The use of the Internet and cloud computing have provided an opportunity for individuals and business entities to improve efficiency, hence increase productivity. These systems provide a platform for key decision-making process and eliminate threats inherent to the operations of an entity. Nonetheless, they create high levels of dependence to the point that individuals cannot be effective when such systems are not available. In some instances, adverse effects may arise and cause massive losses in the long run. Therefore, the research finds that human reliance on internet and computer may lead to vulnerability and disruptions when proper policies are enacted to control their use.


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September 11, 2023


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