Here’s Everything We Know about Googles New European Boss Matt Brittin

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Google is one of the world's most powerful corporations. The firm owns the world's largest search engines. Google has had significant success in its aim to expand into countries other than its home country, the United States. In certain countries, such as France and Germany, the total market share exceeds 90%. The firm controls almost two-thirds of the Japanese market. Despite its success, the corporation confronts numerous hurdles and must devise novel strategies to defeat competitors that may threaten its dominance.

The threat posed by government-sponsored search engines is fictitious. Googles’ threat from government sponsored search engines is not real since Google still has the biggest market share in all these countries. Moreover, its market share these has increased in the recent years. By the year 2016, this threat had not yet materialized. In Germany, Google controlled between 91 -94 percent of the total market share by the 2016. Similarly, in France, Google has a market share of around 95%. Despite the law suits it has had in France and Germany, the company still controls over 90% of the total market share (Scott, par 1-2).

Likewise, google dominates the Japanese market where it had about a two third market share in 2016. Yahoo, a US company, is the biggest competitor that Google has in Japan. Notably, in all these three countries, government sponsored search engines do not give any significant competition to google. As such they cannot be termed as a threat to Google.

2. To secure its dominance in these countries, Google has to counter competition using creative innovation

Google owns the operating system (android) used in 80% of all smart phones in the world, android. Hence, it can use this great influence to its advantage to eliminate competition (The Economist, par 2) by using Android as a means to spread its apps and other new features all over Europe and also in Japan. In addition, can customize its features to specifically meet the technological needs of the Japanese people. Again, Google has a 90% market share in distribution of smart phone operating systems, internet search and distribution of apps for use in mobile phones in Germany and France. These three spheres of dominance can be used to complement each other giving the company a competitive edge over rivals (The Economist, par 3).

3. From its experience in these countries, Google learns that it has to decide who its greatest competitors in the new nations are. Many countries have other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Baidu which may be potential threats to the dominance of Google. Consequentially, identifying the greatest competitor, it will be able to strategize on an effective formula to enter such markets.

In summary, even though Google continues to be the dominant search engine in Japan, Germany and France, it needs to come up with innovative ways of ensuring that it maintains this dominance. Primarily it has to find a strategy to beat any rivals in the market in these countries. For instance, Google can use its control over the production of smart phone operating system as a means of making its features and apps popular in many countries.


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June 06, 2023


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